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Typically It takes a lot to overwhelm me.

By nature I am a multi-tasking queen!

I am continually doing two, three things at once and often get frustrated when others around me cannot multi-task. I start in the morning and continue throughout the day.

I brush my teeth and curl my hair.

Talk on the phone and drive to work.

Drink a cup of coffee and check my email.

Cook dinner and plan the next day’s breakfast.

Watch TV and read a book.

Buy groceries and plan a meeting over the phone.

One year a good friend bought me the same ornament I bought her (unknowingly)…

This ornament was part of Hallmark’s Queen of Multi-tasking collection, so I am convinced that I am not in this alone!

Honestly, I even like that I can juggle effectively and efficiently all that I put on my plate.

Or can I?

Others see when I am overwhelmed before I do.

My husband warns me.

My children run from me.

My friends try to love me.

One thing I have learned from painful experience is that when my relationship with Jesus is distanced I am overwhelmed easily.

When I choose to put other things in front of and in place of my time with Jesus I am overwhelmed and pushed to the brink of emotional disaster.

That’s why Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, The Best Yes, called my name when I read this one powerful statement from Chapter 3:

So I had to get the book…it became a must read on my list!

And now I am gleaning a wealth of treasured truth to keep me focused on overwhelming my soul with the desires of my Savior! Furthermore, Lysa’s book is full of tools that assist me when making choices. Tools that are guiding me to THE BEST YES in all I consider adding to my schedule. With each chapter of the book I have been able to immediately learn and apply what I have read to the decision-making dilemmas of that very day! The result has been peace and a confident reassurance that when I keep my heart and mind focused on the glory of my first love, Jesus, all my yes’s and no’s will be for His ultimate glory!

So whether you are wondering if you have time to

add a bible study to your schedule,

help a friend in need,

take a mission trip to Uganda

or just wondering if you should have a neighbor over for dinner…The Best Yes is for you!

If you are a woman who lives with the stress of a overwhelmed schedule and the ache of an underwhelmed soul…The Best Yes is for you!

Even if you are a woman who just can’t decide whether to have fish or chicken, wear pink or purple, this is a good read for you! So go grab Lysa’s book and then send your friends and family a memo something like this one:

They will thank you later because you will be one well-rested, unrushed girl with an amazing ability to leap tall towers (oops, no-no! not Wonder Women…get the book and you’ll understand!).

You will be one unrushed girl making Best Yes choices, able to remember that our choices today affect our lives tomorrow and God desires for us to do whatever we do for His glory! (1Cor. 10:31)

Faithfully Following the One whose faithfulness is great~ Jodie

New York Times Bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst has written a new book about finding your Best Yes. Many call this book “inspiring” and “fabulous.”  I call it a game-changer.  You can grab a copy at

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