This has been a BIG week in the Fender household.

Cailee started middle school.

Austin started third grade.

And Sara started kindergarten.


They are growing so quickly. Where has the time gone? Time slow down.

In the past I have wished for time to almost stop. I wanted  kittens to not be cats and puppies to not be dogs. I used to wonder if there was some sort of shot that would freeze them so they could stay little all the time. I am guilty of wanting that same shot for my children too because I do love a baby.

But, I would have missed so much. And I would not have learned to cherish each and every day (I still falter on that one from time to time).

Growth is good. Growing together as a family is better. My kids teach me so much everyday.

Last night, in Sara’s devotion we learned about growing together. Her eyes sparkled as we talked about the homemade growth chart on the back of her big sister’s bedroom door and as we looked back on pictures of her as a little bald headed baby.

“Grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ”, her devotion read. “Get to know Him better.”


See, if time stopped or even slowed down too much we would not take the time to get to know each other. We would just sit by the wayside and just let the slower time slip away too. I think that is God’s plan. I think that He wants us to remember and realize what is important in life. He wants us to enjoy what has been given without wanting more. He wants us to get to know Him better.

God does not change, we do. Time does not change, we need to enjoy the time we are given.

We are the ones that make life crazy. We are are the one’s that let life zoom right on by.

Life is not an emergency, it is a gift.

So today, don’t wish for time to slow down…just cherish the time you are given. Get to know Him better…I cannot think of a better way to spend your time.


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