“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus” I Thessalonians 5:18

I bought a sign today.

I will share it later in this post.

It caught my eye because of the bicycle on it. My husband LOVES bicycles so I am constantly looking for things that bring his interest into the decor of our home. But the “slogan” on it was perfect!

We just finished our 5 week study of “The Mended Heart” by Suzie Eller and it was great. It was a time of transparency and healing for me. A time to share the things that I am learning each and every day. A time to laugh and cry..it was pure JOY!

We talked about joy this week. About reaching that point in our life to just be joyful for who we are in Christ…we talked about what we wanted life to be like. Jodie shared how joy has made her look at the image in the mirror in a whole new way. She shared joy from her heart.

Just like in the book, I wanted to share what my life full of joy is beginning to look like:

I want a life where I can laugh at myself when I get it right, or when I get it wrong. I want to laugh, really laugh, with friends who love me for me. I want the time that I am given to be meaningful and I want it to matter 5 years from now what I do today. I want to be able to eat cereal without milk, step out of the shower without drying off, and be silly with my kids. I want to notice each sunset painted for me, dig in the dirt just to get dirty, and catch a sly smile from my husband when I crack a joke that he wasn’t expecting. I want to swish my feet in the water and not be afraid to jump in with all my clothes on to show my kids how to water-ski. I want to have peace that if today is my last day on earth, that I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

You see, girls…The Joy is in the Journey.


When we finally learn to live in Him, we find the joy in the journey. When we live in Him we don’t give up, we move forward finding joy in each moment and each day…the joy is in the journey.

We can find joy in life’s events and we can also find joy in our journey through the Bible. Each moment we breath is different so each moment we read is different….. the joy is in the journey.

Tonight as I get ready to tuck my kids into bed, I pray for you and for me to enjoy the journey. I pray that we will choose to live life a little more free, a little more unstuck, a little more loved, a little more mended….the joy is in the journey.


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