Day 2: Choosing Truth Over Lies

Lie: This is too big.

Truth: I am not asked to do anything without God, and he is always bigger!

Scripture: Isaiah 55:8-9
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Today’s devo is by Kim Jones Vernetti. Kim shares about her heaviest assignment, walking through cancer.

As a child I could best be described as the pigtailed girl hiding behind her mother’s legs. I never did learn to face the scary unknown very well, and even as a young adult preferred hiding away from the worries that stressed me. It’s no surprise that many who knew me well wondered how I was going to deal with the cancer diagnosis I received just one year after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Truthfully, I wondered the same thing myself.
Have you ever found yourself wanting to turn the other way and forget all about the burden that looks too big for you to bare?!

I know I have! Sometimes when walking into a struggle we might wonder why our loving God would allow this to happen to us. Some assignments seem way too big for us to handle. We find ourselves bargaining with God to give the opportunity to someone else who is better equipped or take the burden away all together.

Cancer was the heaviest assignment I’ve ever been tasked with. My immediate response was one of tears and despair. This is too much for me, God! I can’t do this! As I fought the disease waging war on my body, Jesus fought for my heart. He made His presence known in my weakest moments. He showered me with His word. He comforted me with His people. He sowed seeds of peace and hope in my heart until joy crowded out every ounce of doubt and fear.

Through it all I learned to trust Jesus and began walk in full surrender to Him. It is in full surrender that we find our freedom.

Surrender to Jesus means releasing control.

But when we surrender completely to Him, leaning on His steadfast love, drinking in His grace and being empowered by His strength, there is nothing we can’t face. Knowing God is the one in control brings peace because we know that he knows all, sees all and has power over all. God is bigger than any burden. We may not understand the journey but we can trust the One who leads the way.

~ Kim,

Further Study/Prayer:
1- Have you ever felt something was too big for you? Especially think of times when you feel God has asked you to move forward or times when adversities were too much for you to handle. Like Kim, what have you felt was your heaviest assignment?
2-What lie about this assignment would Satan have you to believe and how does it contrast with the Word of God (truth)?
3- Write down a Scripture verse that encourages you to trust that God is with you and always bigger. Speak it out loud. Put your name in the verse.

Read I Samuel 17:32-47.
Did Saul believe David could fight and win against Goliath?
Who did David trust? Who did David look to for strength in the battle? Who did David praise? How can we learn from David when we face our giants?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments or join us over on facebook to chime in on the conversation! We love hearing from you.

We trust that you are stronger than us and anything that will come against us. Help us lean into you and accept all you have to give. Help us remember that what looks overwhelming to us pales in comparison to your strength. Help us remember that we are not asked to do anything without God. Forgive us when we back down or when we try and proceed in our own strength.
In Jesus name, Amen




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