Wow!! We just finished up our fourth annual “This One’s for the Girls” conference and it was such a blessing. God was there from before the beginning, right through the conference and guess what girls? He is still here! You can keep looking for Him wholeheartedly!

Friday morning before the conference, I was studying and praying for all who were to be in attendance when God gave me this follow-up blog post. He told me exactly how to find that whole heart we were sharing with all the ladies….he told me how you can find Him “wholeheartedly”!

Look close He said. Share your vision.

I was in 2nd grade when I got glasses. It was also the day I left school with the chicken pox. Double whammy. I hated wearing glasses and eventually, I was able to get contacts so that I would not have to wear my glasses…but I still had to have something to be able to see.


I am VERY nearsighted and also have an astigmatism. Now for those of you who do not struggle with your vision, being nearsighted means that you cannot see “far away”. This term is relative. For some it means 50 yards, for me it means 5 inches. In order to be able to see without my glasses, I have to have things VERY close to my face.


Look close He said. Share your vision.

In order to find Him “wholeheartedly”, you must look close. In order to be wholehearted, you have to bring Him and His word very close to you so that you can see Him clearly. You cannot be wholehearted if He is far away..you simply will miss what needs to be seen. If He is too far away…everything will be blurry.

Look close He said. Share your vision.

When we began planning for the conference from the theme to the decor I wrote these words to Jodie…and today I write them to you:

“When I think of being wholehearted, I resolve to know without doubt that God is enough. That no matter the circumstance that God is enough…that He is our refuge, our song, our comfort, our passion, our Father, our salvation, our help, and MORE! And through that we can have Peace…Peace…. just like when we sit and look out to the ocean and the whole world disappears, just like when we sit next to a babbling brook in the mountains and the whole world just disappears, just like when we sit and swing while down by the river side and the whole world is made better.”

Look close, He says.

Share your vision, He says.

Find me, He says.

Don’t miss the beautiful, He says.

Rest, He says.

Just be held, He says.

“Give me an undivided heart, that doesn’t want ANYTHING more than to worship you.” Psalm 86:11



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