All throughout December, as we anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth, we will be opening hearts and homes to you. Today we are so excited to have Cindy Krall, The Doahead Woman with us! Cindy has touched our hearts by sharing her love and kind do ahead thoughts and by allowing us to share Faithfully Fit thoughts over at her home,! We pray you enjoy her sweet spirit …..

What a privilege it is to share with ya’ll today!

The privilege is profound on many levels. It’s been a blessing to have Jodie as a guest on DoAhead (I still heed her wisdom by reiterating the “No Excuses!” mantra!) I love being in community with her online. Then there’s the added bonus of being able to talk like I’m southern. Because I’m so not. I’m here to tell ya’ll, your accent beats a South Dakota accent hands down!

But the greatest privilege is that I get to share about how Jesus graces our hearts and homes this time of year. In preparation for this post I went through pictures I’ve taken of our holiday decor’. I wanted to find one or two that really spoke Christmas. The truth of the matter is I couldn’t pick!

So, if I may I’ll share several photos with a brief description of what they represent to my tribe and more importantly how the decorations help our hearts focus on what Christmas is really about. cindy pic 2

“Each year the manger is placed atop the piano. It sits in the light of the tree. Baby Jesus is the first thing we see in the morning when leave our bedrooms and the last thing we see when we retire for the night. I can’t think of a better beginning and ending to the day.”

cindy pic 3

“Not all of our tree ornaments are “religious”. Many of them are the result of children’s crafts and projects from over the years, but a few of them are. This one is among my favorites.”

cindy pic 4

“Candles galore adorn the house during Christmas. As the kids got older we would let them light the candles with the prompt that Jesus is indeed the light of the world.”

cindy pic 5

“Red and green are everywhere in the house. I would remind the kids that even though Christmas is a time to celebrate life (the green) we need to be mindful that life eternal would not be an option if it weren’t for the giving of Christ’s red blood.”

cindy pic 6

“This gem goes on the mantle. Our youngest made it in Kindergarten. He misspelled peace. What a perfect visual that Jesus is indeed Prince of our Pieces. He takes our messy lives and turns them into something beautiful!”

These are just a few snap shots into our tribe’s Holiday traditions. They help us keep our hearts and homes turned toward the one that calls our hearts his home!

Here’s wishing you a Very Merry Christmas ya’ll!

Your {Southern Wanna-Be} DoAhead Friend,


Cindy shares her heart and home every week at

Cindy shares her heart and home every week at

We pray Open Hearts and Homes is touching your heart and assisting in preparing you to celebrate the birth of Christ this Christmas. We also pray that your heart is His home!  Please leave a comment and let us know how you celebrate this time of year! We would enjoy hearing from you!

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