I absolutely love popcorn. Especially hot, salty pop corn!

Popcorn that smells delicious a mile away.

The kind that makes your mouth water from a distance!

The kind that you share at a movie with your honey!

Popcorn and a coke….yum!

I think I may just have to serve some at my next pop-up bible study!

Actually, I probably will not, but I wanted to get your taste buds going!

You see I don’t serve food at my pop-up bible studies. (And yes, I know, you may never want to come now!) I don’t even serve drinks (But I will offer you water)!

But trust when I say…Nourishment is provided!

And if consumed you will not leave hungry, but you may develop a new craving. In fact my prayer would be that you would!

A craving so strong that you would have to consume this type of nourishment every day.

When you pop-in to a bible study that pops-up you will be offered:

  • An open door into my home
  • Fellowship with other sisters
  • A safe place to ask questions
  • Prayers before, during and after
  • The rich nourishment of God’s Word!

And my heart’s desire is that you will taste and see it’s goodness! taste-and-see

Last night bible study popped up again! And girls popped in and I popped no popcorn. However, I did prepare a tasty snack of scriptures from Ephesians, Matthew and Proverbs. Suzie Eller tossed in some wisdom from Colossians and shared her heart on the difficult topic of forgiveness (via Skype). Together we all discussed our questions about forgiveness; our difficulties; our fears; our successes!

During this pop up session I learned that there is freedom in surrendering my willing heart to God. I learned that forgiveness is not a word, but a journey. I joined others in saying, “I’m signing up for the journey whether anyone else is or not, because I don’t want to be stuck!”


Not everyone could pop-in so I want to give you a taste of the food served!

From Suzie:

“Don’t let someone’s else’s choice not to change keep you stuck”

“It would be wonderful if everyone changed, like you hoped. But what if they don’t?

Years ago I made a choice. Whether anyone else signed up or not, I was going grow. As a mom. As a woman. As a woman of faith.

Sure, it was hard when someone’s choices hurt my heart. It was an invitation to let bitterness and anger settle in. . .

Except I was not defined by anyone else. Not their choices. Not their lack of growth. Not their words. Not their perception.

The only person I could change, with God’s help, was me.”

Suzie Eller

And a taste of God’s Word:

“Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”

Ephesians 4:31-32 


A taste of friendly faces:

pop up bible study

And a recipe so you can enjoy Pop-up Bible Study’s in your home:

  1. Preheat your heart to “on-fire” for God
  2. Stir together time in the Bible and time in prayer
  3. Add in an open invitation to all ladies in your contacts, but don’t pick and choose. This part is up to God! You just extend the invitation and let Him do the rest!
  4. Relax and Rest. Don’t clean your house. Don’t prepare goodies. Don’t fuss!
  5. Stir in more Bible study and prayer
  6. ENJOY the nourishment of sharing a well-prepared dish of God’s food!

It’s as easy as Pop-corn and a coke without the calories! ~ Jodie

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Want to know more about forgiveness and the freedom of an unburdened heart?

Join us on Facebook Thursday for “Tear It Up Thursday!” Go to the Faithfully Fit page and search events. Our topic this week will be Forgiveness.

Check out Suzie Eller’s posts related to the unburdened heart at http://tsuzanneeller.com/category/bible-study-2/the-unburdened-heart-study/


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