We are so excited to be teaming up with two fabulous blogs today! So go ahead pull up a chair and pour your favorite drink, grab a bible and join in today and over the weekend!

First, pop over to www.doaheadwoman.com and meet Cindy! She is so much fun and we love her motto for all the girls out there …. Minimizing Perspiration. Maximizing Inspiration. You will find a wealth of information on things to do ahead for every area of your life! Please let Cindy know you popped over and that YOU are a FF girl!

And we’ve introduced you to Suzie Eller before! Today we are blessing our homes! It reminds me of the saying “Bless This Mess” ! But you know what the greatest compliment a person can give me about my home is that it looks like home! And sometimes homes get messy. It took me a long time to realize that there is ….

JOY IN THE LAUNDRY! Even mounds of laundry!

There is also joy in seeing unmade beds where children rest safely; joy in muddy floors when hunters come home and soccer players tumble through without taking off their shoes. And I could go on and on.

Today I picked a special place to share with you. Take a peek, come on in…this is headquarters of Faithfully  Following!



Most mornings start bright and early right here in this spot. The essentials are

  • Sleepy eyes
  • bible
  • coffee
  • a prayerful heart

I usually throw in a dose of internet assistance, sticky notes and markers!

Join me in prayer.

Father, you are so good. So good. You bring us new mercies every morning. Your fresh blessings come with every breathe we take. Today, we bring our homes to you. Places we raise our children, nurture our relationships and places that yes, we fill with mess. Sometime the mess is a joy to us and to you. Other times Lord the mess is  badly in need of bringing before you for cleansing. Thank you for being our healer, our redeemer. This precious space you have given to me is a great treasure. May it always be a place where the Word comes first. Where I seek You. Then connect with others for You. Keep me focused on You and your glory. May the blessings that spill out and over, may they rush into the cups of those who are touched by Faithfully Following. May all feel welcome to come and spend time in this place. May it have an open door for prayer, fellowship and pop-up bible studies! Oh Lord, you are good. Bless the spaces of all who are praying with me today! Amen

We’d love to pray blessings over your homes! Leave a comment today for your special place that you would like blessed! Click over to Suzie’s space at http://tsuzanneeller.com/2014/10/24/blessing-your-home/ to see her table!

We’re so glad you popped over today and so blessed to be with Cindy and Suzie today! I can’t wait to pop over to your homes and pray blessings with you!




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