Sweet laundry!

What? You girls know that I find joy in the laundry. Haven’t I rubbed off on you like a soft dryer sheet yet?

This morning started early. The sun wasn’t up but the cat was! She’s a good cat. She comes into our bedroom and waits patiently without a single meow until my feet hit the floor. But this morning I heard her push the door open and my thoughts went to the laundry. YIKES! I have a volleyball jersey that needs “a washing” TODAY! Three games in one week! Shouldn’t they issue more shirts? I whispered a silent prayer and made my way out of bed.

Cat food hit the bowl and I grabbed the jersey. A quick sink wash will do and there is that load in the dryer still waiting to be folded….I can throw in the jersey and fluff the day old clothes while I do my bible study. I had a plan!

Soon the buzzer…and my feet went to the laundry room. Hmmm…I do spend a lot of time here Lord.

Help me see this in as an opportunity and not an interruption.

I can use this time to pray.

Sweet laundry, this is war!

The movie War Room is a hit in the box office! It’s also been a hit in my heart! Or on my toes. Before even watching it I was searching for a way to get my prayer life back on track…hot, like the clothes I was pulling out of the dryer. And as I saw my son’s shirts and my daughter’s jersey it came to me. Why can’t the laundry room be a war room this morning? Just because you can’t go pull the door to your closet right now doesn’t mean that you can’t commune with Jesus right here.

So with each warm piece of clothing I began to pray. As I touched each piece of my children’s clothes I asked God to touch parts of their lives. My son’s work pants led to thoughts of his future and I asked God for wisdom in making choices. My daughters school spirit shirt reminded me of those traveling on a bus today and I asked for safety. The socks and unmentionables reminded of how God knows their intimate details. The sweet aroma of fresh laundry reminded of this tender moment that God gave me to pray over my children.

Sweet Laundry.

Sweet Jesus.

Sweet moments with Him.

Busy momma. He sees you tirelessly tending to all your children. He sees you caring for your family. He sees you when the sun has not risen and your body awakens with that to-do list on your mind. Seize those early morning “gotta wash a jersey” moments as an opportunity rather than an interruption! An opportunity to get into His presence right where you are!

Blessings, from the laundry room~ Jodie b6b5d-jodie7-18-2014510

(The movie War Room is phenomenal and this post is not to negate the message of finding a quiet closed off place within your home to fight battle through prayer. I hope it gives busy mom’s yet another way to see their time as an opportunity to meet with God and pray over our children.)

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