Yes, it is true! My once toddlers are now teenagers!

My brown hair is turning gray.

I’m close to needing a new accessory in my wardrobe…reading glasses!

And I love when someone thinks I look like my daughters sister! Well, I do!

I’m growing older and that is a blessing. I also like to think I am growing wiser and that from time to time I have wisdom to share with mom’s who are still chasing behind toddlers and wondering when the chase ends. First let me say, enjoy every moment of the chase! And then let me add, God can and will give you the strength to live even without sleep!

ryan and lauren

They still love one another but I would be hard pressed to get a picture like this now!

This post is especially for mom’s of toddlers and young children wondering how to find quiet time with God. How can you keep your relationship with God real in the midst of the chaos? How do you find time to pick up the bible when Dr. Seuss is the book of choice? How do you spend time in prayer when the dishes are falling out of the sink and onto the floor, the skinned knees need bandaides, the sweet smiles that peek out from under the covers want just one more kiss good night? How?

I wish I could tell you that I did it wonderfully when my two little ones were running around spilling milk on a freshly mopped floor, but I can not utter those words! They would be a lie.

But I can tell you some things that worked and some ideas I’ve gleaned from the wisdom of driving behind two teenagers on their way school! (How did that happen?)

  • Worry less about the cleanliness of your house and more about the cleanliness of your soul. Often I would use my children’s nap time to knock out as many chores as possible. Use the first prime moments of nap time as your quiet time in the Word and for fruitful time in prayer. If the floors need vacuuming they can wait. Really, they can!
  • Take advantage of early bedtimes in the early years. My excitement would build when both children were tucked in for the evening, sometime 7pm! I would look forward to a favorite TV show and time to just sit with my feet up. Turn off the screens and turn on your prayer time, your bible study time, and make that rest time count!
  • Lead by example. Your children want to mimic everything you do when they are little! Let them see you using your bible. They will want to use theirs also! There are great bibles for toddlers, young children and teenagers. It’s never too early to share the scriptures with our children.


  • Say yes less. I love to be involved. I like to organize, plan and participate. And I did! At church, at pre-school, at sporting events and play groups. I remember one night sitting up until after 11pm making a quilt for a teacher’s gift and another time I was sorting through ABC cookies (after a THIRD trip to the grocery store) to spell each child’s name. Those things are not bad. But those things without time in God’s word can lead to a mom screaming because her soul is searching for rest. Say yes less and rest in the Lord more.
  • Make time to be in a small group bible study! Sunday School, small group time, in-home bible studies. Plug in! You will reap so many rewards from spending time in God’s word with others.

Yes, my hair is getting gray and my toddlers are now teenagers. Thankfully, the Lord is constant! He is the same today, as He was yesterday and will be forevermore. And thankfully His truth is rich with treasure for mom’s raising toddlers who grow up into teenagers!


Keeping it real ~ Jodie

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