I have a disease!

It’s gone undiagnosed for sometime. I’ve been living with it with no name given to it, but it’s been infecting my body for decades! Now that I know what it is I am certain we need to call the CDC and file a report! I know this is an epidemic of vast proportion!

Here goes my confession….I have the Disease To Please!

And I am very certain that I am not alone. You may be trying to please someone different than I am, but I have a feeling I am in good company.

I’m a mom. Mother of two wonderful teenagers. They know they have their momma wrapped around their finger. Oh they understand I have limits, but they know my weaknesses and they use them against me.

They get all sweet on me.

Tell me how great I am.

Bat those eyes, text those emogis, tell me how much they love me, until….I say NO. Then they turn on me like sour milk! Ya know the kind that was good on Monday and makes you spit on Tuesday!

Just this week I suffered greatly from my disease. It was rearing it’s ugliness up in my heart! I was racing across town (from work) to try and deliver lunch to my daughter at school. My momma heart was in pleasing mode. I could do this! I have 8 minutes! And God had a little fun with me.

First, He placed my bright orange jeep behind the slowest Cadillac I have ever been behind! The speed limit was 25 but it was moving 20! That will get your face crinkled and your temper flaring on any day right? But this day I wanted to make it across town in 8 minutes and this was slowing me down!

Not only did I need to make it in 8 minutes, I also needed to acquire some food. And as I sat in the drive thru I began to get angry. First at my daughter, next at myself. You see she asked, but I answered. My momma heart wanted to please. My momma “good-sense” knew there was not time and I just should have responded, NO.

You see NO sometime is THE BEST YES.

yes no

In Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, The Best Yes, she puts it beautifully, ” Saying yes all the time won’t make me Wonder Women. It will make me a worn out woman.”


So today I admit that while I have not been officially diagnosed by any doctor and the CDC does not list this disease as an epidemic, I am infected with the disease to please and I am ready to take off the cape! I’m on chapter 11 of Lysa’s new book and I am learning to “cure the disease to please with a biblical understanding of the command to love”. I’m looking forward to “rising above the rush of endless demands and discovering my Best Yes”!

Join us this fall as we strive to Keep It Real in the Chaos! We trust we are not alone!

And we are here to walk with you, faithfully!


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