As I type this blog post, I am waiting for some little girls to arrive to celebrate Cailee’s 11th birthday. It has been a little rushed this year because we have to celebrate early.  My hours are changing at work soon and I will  be away from home on a daily basis so we had to do it while I was still home. So, last night was the rushed trip to the store to get all the birthday goodies and then this morning was more rushing around to get the rest of the food for the party (shopping with 3 kids in tow is not my favorite activity). So, the house is now somewhat decorated with pretty teal and brown pennants in preparation for the tea party (that will have to be tomorrow because I could not get the tea cups and tea pot here any sooner), but my dining room table is a disaster. I purchased a new washer and dryer from a friend but in order for it to fit comfortably the cabinet in my laundry room must be raised. My husband finally got the cabinet “unstuck” from the wall but it will require a small army to hold it up in order to put the spacers under it, then I can clear of the table. Meanwhile, the laundry pile is beginning to take over the entire room because I am not sure when the cabinet will be in place and the old washer and dryer will be taken out and the new washer and dryer put in and I don’t want to deal with clothes in the old machines. I missed my run this morning with my friend partly because I had a bad night but mostly due to sheer laziness (please forgive me Renee and thank you for your constant support). And the kids have done nothing but fight and cry all morning. Gloom, despair and agony on me..Woah!!

And then, I am snapped back into reality. Out of my “first world” problems to pictures posted online about the Christians being marked and beheaded for their faith. Snapped back when a friend tells me about a log truck backing over their car and barely being able to back up in time to avoid getting crushed. Snapped back when I see news about Robin Williams killing himself due to being in dark depression and being reminded of a Faithfully Fit sister who struggles with this deep depression as well.


And then I remember the sign – many of you have heard about it and Jodie picks on me about it –  but it got me thinking today…Where is my french fry?

“For I the Lord, do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob are not consumed.” Malachi 3:6

My french fry? It’s Jesus. My chocolate? the Bible. My happiness? Is Christ. His promises are found everywhere. And with His love..we can be happier than birds!




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