Right this moment…I am physically tired.
My eyelids are heavy and I am hoping that my kids will want to watch a quiet movie very soon.
Why am I so tired?
Well, I am glad that you asked.
Meet my mom.
 As far as I am concerned she is the best mom on the planet. 
And I know for a fact that God chose her just for me!
My mom (her name is Dianne by the way) has had her fair share of sickness this year and last night we got to have another “slumber” party – her words not mine – in the hospital.
This year alone, my mom has had a stroke, been diagnosed with a-fib, had a cardioversion to correct her a-fib, had several needle biopsies due to a large tumor found on her thyroid and then had her thyroid removed.
What a bunch of lemons!!
I am sure that each of you reading this could name your own lemons… some much worse than what we have been dealing with, but that is not the point of this blog entry.
The point is that through it all…..there has been peace.
Through it all…..there has been confidence.
Through it all……there has been rest.
Through it all there has been an absence of fear.
Because, through it all there has been… Jesus.

God’s word promises us that He will bring it to health and that all will be healed. And that through Him and His healing that peace and truth will be seen. Notice that God’s word does not specify the healing or where it will take place? Our family has been lucky in that mom’s healing has come here on earth….but God does not always work that way..but He is always working to bring nothing but good to those who believe. (Romans 8:28)…in heaven and on earth.
So, when God hands you lemons…what are you doing with them? Are you celebrating the healing that will come and having a glass of lemonade or are you just making an ugly face? Do you have peace in the truth? Can you rest even when you are physically exhausted? I sure hope so. And if you aren’t sure how, we would be happy to share Jesus with you!

Off to bed…lemons and all!

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