Well, it is a big day in the Fender household today…Austin got his first pair of glasses! He was so excited when we got the call that they were in…we quickly packed our things and left the pool so that we could get cleaned up and head to the eye care center. All the way home he kept looking over his glasses and then through his glasses saying…fuzzy, clear, fuzzy, clear. I am so relieved that he is embracing this new addition with so much joy and excitement, because I hated my glasses and had a much harder time adjusting. But it got me to thinking….how many of us need our vision checked and we don’t even know it? We just assume that which we see is well…..normal?
Well, God offers an eye care center like no other! He can not only make your physical eyes see more clearly but He can correct the eyes of your heart as well!
Are you lost and can’t see which way to go?
Does your life seem dim and dark?
Are things a little fuzzy?
God has given us corrective lenses to use…. through the Bible. God can help you through day to day life without having to struggle to see. His word gives us answers and reveals His will for our life…but just like regular glasses you have to “put” on the Word in order to see. Just having the Word sit beside you is about as useful as having your glasses on a side table.
So how is your vision? Do you need a check-up? You can do this!!!

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