Yesterday I walked into a store to get a wedding gift and came out with a Christmas gift.


Thanksgiving turkeys have not been carved and lights and trees are everywhere. I don’t typically buy too many gifts early. In fact if I do it is that one extravagant thing my daughter picks up (a-hem, boots) and buys in November and I promise to wrap the empty box and remind her the gift already given!

So yesterday when I purchased this Christmas gift it was a tad out of character for me. But I have a good friend whose “love language” is gifts. Now you may say, “Whose isn’t”? And I would answer, “My husband’s is not”!

But any-who….

 I see this perfect gift for my girlfriend whose love language is pretty packages and it’s on sale…so, I buy! (She would say Boo-yah!)

Friends. I like to speak their language. (Even when it’s funny sounds!)

We are currently studying The Friends of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury and we are learning Jesus’ love language. It’s filled with gifts of compassion, comfort, loyalty, forgiveness, restoration and love.

Jesus is a gift of compassion, comfort, loyalty, forgiveness, restoration and love.

There is a friend who stays closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

proverbs 18 24

Friendship is a gift in itself. When we are friends that share the gifts of Jesus with others we are gifts walking, talking, hugging, loving! We are living life like Christ. How beautiful! Even my friend who loves packages will attest that the gifts of Jesus are far more precious and when demonstrated toward her by a friend ~ priceless!

I’ll be purchasing gifts to give my friends and family for Christmas. I’m sure you will too. So if we are lets share gifts that share Christ.  Every Friday from now until Christmas we will share one gift that can be given freely without a purchase and one that you can purchase. Each will be presented in hopes that others will see and feel that love of Christ!

Allow me to start today! It is Friday!

Compassion: A gift that is free but often takes thought, time and consideration. Seeing a need and wanting to meet the need for another. A desire to alleviate another’s need. Let the gift of compassion flow freely to your friends and strangers this season.

Simple Compassionate Ideas


  • A single mom needing childcare so she can run errands; offer an hour of you time freely.
  • A elderly widow needing help wrapping gifts: offer an hour of your time freely.
  • A shelter needing help serving meals; offer an hour of your time freely.
  • A single friend dealing with loneliness; offer to spend an hour in bible study or just sharing coffee.

There are countless ways to share compassion with others.

Our pick for a purchased gift that shares Christ this week:

ABC Scripture Cards by Light ‘Em Up Gifts (click photo to  learn more)

abc cardss

Having “eyed” them for sometime now I am so excited to own a set and plan to share with my friends. Here is how the designer describes them: “ABC Scripture Cards are a set of 26 NIV verses designed for the mom’s style and the child’s heart. I created these in an effort to bring scripture memory to life in the home. They teach and decorate at the same time! From two-year-olds to teens, kids of all ages have memorized these short and sweet verses.” I’m in love! My eye and my heart agree that these are great for using to bring God’s word into our homes and hearts. And guess what! We are giving away a set! Leave a comment on how you would use these cards and you will be entered into a random drawing for a set to be given away next Friday (Nov. 13th)! The only catch is that you must reside in the US and subscribe to follow the blog so that we know we can contact you.

It’s a gift to share God’s love here every week! We pray you feel us hugging you in prayer.

Blessings~ Jodie

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