I am tired. Mostly emotionally, but as I laid down yesterday afternoon and fell into a deep sleep, I realized how physically tired I am as well. And when you are tired, making decisions can become somewhat tricky….and you can possibly do and say things that you don’t mean to do or say. Women especially can become prone to this “disease to please” as we rush around trying to make everyone happy…but what are you rushing for?

Thursday night I shared some scripture with our evening class from the book of Psalm. These verses really focused on the purpose of our “rush” and reminded us what we should be rushing for. We live in this world but we are not “to be” of this world. We rush around trying to obtain man’s favor, collecting and storing up wealth for what? For who? 


Un-Rush me, Lord. Help me to to choose the “best Yes” that will glorify You.

Un-Rush me, Lord. Help me to rush only into Your Word and into Your presence daily.

Un-Rush me, Lord. Help me to remember how fast life is ticking by and not be scared but put my hope in You!

Looking forward to chapter 1 next week and praying an “un-rushed” weekend until we get there!


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