Conversation Connects!

Conversation Connects!

We are a people so connected that we are disconnected. We plug in and space out. We sit with others and we’ve forgotten how to enjoy company and conversation. We get in our zone and we pass by all that are reach. We miss one another, even those we love the most....

Learning to Love

It was a normal “at home” know washing clothes and cleaning up the house. I took the kids clothes basket upstairs to put their clothes away when I encountered the disaster affectionately know as “Cailee’s Room.” Everything...

Hand me down wedding gift

 My sister is getting married!!!!!  My precious sister, I am praying for you. Your special day is just 8 days away! If I close my eyes really tight I can imagine how radiant you will look in your wedding gown and how proud Dad will be walking you down the aisle....

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