Every morning we wake up from sleep we have an opportunity. A new day is upon us and as we arise from our slumber, we get to choose what we do with our day…what we will chase after or run from… how we will fuel and feed our soul. What would life look like if each morning our feet hit the floor we ask God how our day should proceed? If each morning we approached the Word with eagerness to hear, see, and be guided by God?

What could change if we ARISE and seek God eagerly in His word?

Like many, I love word art and have these two signs in my bedroom that read “It is well with my soul.” I can see them when I arise in the morning and sometimes, I say, “Lord, it is well with my soul.” and other times I confess, “Lord, we have work to do.” Then I traipse to the kitchen, get the coffee going, feed the cat, and the dog (because if I do not, there will be no peace or quiet) and open my Bible. Because either way, whether I am able to say, “it is well” or “we have work to do,” I know Jesus will meet me and tend to my soul as I seek Him.

When we seek Him, He will remind us who He is, what His promises are, and assure us of His presence, His love, and His faithfulness.

When we seek Him, we will find Him. He is not a God who hides, He is our Hiding Place (Psalm 32:7).







His word reminds us that our lives are hidden in Him and that we will find Him when we seek Him with all our heart. As we arise and seek, Jesus will meet us, encourage us, guide us, fill us, and stretch us. Isn’t that exciting? We all need a daily stretch that strengthens us.

Join us August 17-28th. We will begin each morning with our Facebook/Instagram daily posts. Each post will guide you to seek Jesus in the Word, verse by verse. Using scripture, we will engage in questions that will help fuel your prayer life.

Our hope for this journey is that we will:

  • ARISE, eager to follow Jesus
  • Learn from His example
  • Deepen the intimacy of our relationship with Him
  • Allow His love to fill us so that we may spill that same love into our world

Learn more by listening to this Facebook Live replay

Our Arise study will incorporate prayer prompts and scriptures found in Kelly O’Dell Stanley’s latest Simple Prayer Postcard Set. While you do not have to purchase this set to participate we know you will enjoy having them. This set is both beautiful and meaningful;; filled with scripture and direction for beginning your prayer time. If you wish to purchase a set click over–– https://kellyostanley.com/p…/20-simple-prayers-postcard-set/

Kelly has also graciously designed a printable journal that you can use to document your time in the word during our mini-study.


Use the link to download yours and note the printing instructions for the best results: ARISE_journal to print

Printing Instructions:

  1. Print with horizontal/landscape orientation
  2. Print at 100% (do not “reduce to fit”)
  3. If your printer can do two-sided printing, you’re set! (Select “short-edge binding” if given a choice.)If you have to print manually, do it like this:
    Print page 1, place it back in printer, and print page 2 on the back side. (You might have to experiment to figure out which way your paper should be turned.)
    Then print page 3 with page 4 on the back. Then print page 5 with page 6 on the back.
    Stack as shown in photo (look at top right corner, and stack like this: on top, cover; below that, day 2; and below that, day 4.
    Fold in half. Staple if you wish.


Are you ready to Arise and embrace each new day with Jesus? To seek Him and find Him? Make Him your Hiding Place? We are! Let’s do it together, verse by verse.

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