Today we are joined by the beautiful, Tera Elness, for our third day in our prayer series, Praying Big Prayers to Our Amazing God. When we approached Tera about writing for the series God showed off. We asked Tera to write about praying one word, “Help” and she sent us a photo of a journal she had written in that very day. All that was written was, “Lord, help.” Hold onto your seat. Tera’s words will leave you on the edge of your seat and prepare your heart to pray, raise hands of praise, and perhaps, shout “Yes” in agreement.

In a word,
That’s it, Lord.
That’s the prayer.
The whole prayer.
That’s it.
That’s all I got.
And I have to believe…it’s enough.
Because You know.
And it’s to You that I pray this one word.

And truly friends, is not that one mighty word what all of our prayers come down to?
And even as I tap out the words “come down to”, I smile as I realize that perhaps there are no greater words to describe our humanity.
We come down to ourselves, down to the ground we were made from, down to the reality that He alone is God, and we pray, from that beautiful and holy come down place.
And He hears, He bends ear, He draws near, He comes down…to us.
To help.

So as I sit in this space known as prayer, this sacred-no-one-can-take-it-from-me space of humility and freedom and divine-meets-ordinary, I marvel at the idea that all of our prayers could truly be reduced-in-length-but-not-in-power to just one word – HELP.

For again friends, is that not what all of our prayers come down to?
And haven’t they always, since the beginning?
When God poured out His world with the words of His mouth and then created man by the work of His hands and placed him right within it?
Was it not Adam who looked around and determined the right mate could not be found and then we can only assume whispered to his Father Creator for he knew no other…help?
And so do we, today, in our world.
We pray.

We ask our Father in Heaven, who name is hallowed and holy and faithful and just, to protect and provide, nourish and give, refresh and renew, lead and guide, create a clean heart, do a new thing, mold and shape, rescue and redeem, restore what’s been lost, give me eyes to see, redefine my wrong thinking, shelter me and shield me and unwrap me and wrap me tight and do what only you can do, whew, yes Lord, yes.
One word that encompasses every thought in our head and every emotion in our heart; one word that is heard and is clearly understood, by the One who bends ear and knows it all, even that which is left unsaid.
Every tear that is shed.
Every fear misled.
Every hurt left unmended.
Every need left unrendered.
We pray.
Sometimes silently and sometimes with screaming…

And we’re not the only ones…
When the disciples found themselves surrounded by a massive crowd at mealtime….Lord, help.

When Mary realized the wedding party had run out of wine….Lord, help.

When the woman didn’t want to continue to thirst….Lord, help.

When the apostles argued and asked, “Who’s first?”….Lord, help.

When Nehemiah needed an answer, when David needed refuge.
When Hannah longed a place for her tears, when Esther longed for some guidance.When Solomon knew he needed wisdom, when Gideon felt lost in his fears.
When a centurion wanted healing for his sweet little girl, when Jonah wanted out of the guts of that whale.
Lord, help.

When Jesus pondered who to call as the twelve, when Legion begged for the demons to leave.
When Hagar was desperate with what to do with her life, when a bleeding woman just wanted hers back.

In all of these cases, and a million more, the people prayed…
Lord, help.

And so do we right here and right now.
Lord, help.
Help me.
Help her.
Help him.
Help us.
Help in the midst of the pain.
Help in the midst of the grief.
Help in the midst of the mud and the muck, help in the midst of the yuck.
Help my being.
Help my home.
Help my relationships.
Help my finances.
Help my body.
Help my mind.
Help my soul remember….You.


Help me remember that You are near and You are love and You are working all things together for good, and according to YOUR purpose, Lord.
That You stand by and You give strength, that You are Rock unfailing.
That You outstretch Your arms and feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty and are close to the broken-hearted and You bind up their wounds for You see them amen.
And sometimes that someone, is me.
That You go ahead, that You go behind, that You hem me in on every side and that You are forever and always.
That You know the plans, that You are the Author, that You are Perfector Protector Provider.
That You are my Shepherd.
So I shall not be in want.
Lord, help.
And now dear friends, rest.
Yes, REST.
In the knowledge that He heard you, and the trust to know that He will.

Pray with us today: Lord, Help. Amen

Tera is a wife, mama, coffee addict, full-time bible study leader, and speaker. Much like her friends the Israelites, Tera wandered the desert for nearly 40 years in search of life-giving refreshment. Upon discovering the oasis of grace, her thirsty heart was filled and dry spirit quenched as she set out on her own personal journey of walking in faith and living her (His) story. Tera strives to share God’s perfect grace with His imperfect girls through speaking events, bible studies, prayer groups, conferences, retreats, and more often, simply over a great cup ‘o joe. Tera lives in Minnesota with her hubby, kiddos, and one spoiled pup.

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