Day 7: Praying Brave with a Yes Heart

Open the paper, scroll your newsfeed, and listen to the news. Hurting hearts are all around us.
Brokenness is evident and even understandable.
Joy and pain collide.

Three years ago a few days before Christmas I wept with my friend over the tragic loss of her 25 year old sister. Her family prayed brave prayers in the days that followed. They prayed that good would come of this tragedy and that others would see and know Jesus. Lives have been saved as those who witnessed the faith of a grieving family gave their lives to Christ.

3 months ago I desperately prayed for life to remain after a heart attack. Life continues, but it is in heaven with Jesus, and a dear family is left to mourn.
The wife of 30 years left behind wrote this about praying brave:

“Praying brave is to pray without ceasing even when your heart is hurting.” ~ Carla

I want to hold that wife in my arms, but she is 15 hours away.
Whisper brave prayers for those who whisper through the hurt. When you can’t travel the distance, prayers reach far and wide and the One who we know is listening reaches down to hold those in need of comfort.

Brave prayers intercede.

Recent news reports ring with tragedy. Tragedy that creates hurt.
Brave prayer calls on the healer of hurt to comfort those in need.
Brave prayer asks for God to bring good out of bad.
Brave prayers cry out for the King to rescue His hurting.
When the joy and pain collide we need peace.
We need prayer.
We need one another.

I don’t know why my friend lost her sister or why a wife lost her husband much too early. There is no explanation for why people shoot guns and kill innocent people. I don’t understand. But I trust. And like Carla, pray without ceasing even when your heart is hurting.

Donna reminded us, We can ask God for peace without understanding. Our own understanding is not for us to lean on. (Proverbs 3:5)
We can continue to trust that God is good, that He loves with an everlasting love and that He is not against us.
Yes, the pain is still present but His peace can rule our hearts.
Understanding may be lacking, but comfort is found in midst of praying brave!

We are here in this world where pain persists. We long for the eternity you promise takes all pain away. Until it is our time to live in eternity with you help us pray continually. May we remember to lift those who hurt and trust that you listen and respond. Comfort us Lord.

Keep pressing forward with us. How can we pray for you today?
~ Jodie

Today’s scripture: 1 Peter 5:7; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; James 5:13; 2 Corinthians 1:2-7

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