What can happen in a hour?

A lot can happen in a hour!

We can wash a load of clothes.

We can clean a dirty bathroom.

We can get groceries.

We can cook dinner.

(Guess the things I’ve been doing today?)

A lot can happen in a hour!

This morning a group of girls gathered to

  • pray
  • praise
  • encourage
  • laugh
  • workout
  • study God’s word
  • fellowship
  • rejoice

And it all happened in a hour! A hour of Faithfully Fit.

Morning classes started back today and we had so much fun! During our workout one forever FF girl (our tender name for any girl that touches the ministry) said, “Jodie, I love your enthusiasm (or maybe it was energy)”. I must admit, I was pretty hyped up! But I had much to be hyped about!

The prayer time was thoughtful, the praise reports were exciting, the smiles around the circle were contagious and the music was inspiring. I was invigorated!

What can happen in an hour?

A lot can happen in an hour!

You can gather with other girls to strengthen your faith and fitness walk…just check out a Faithfully Fit class! 4 times a week and totally free. Pop in when it works in your schedule. We would love to spend an hour with you!

power hour

Morning Classes: Mon/Wed 8:30-9:45am Located at The Rock, 539 Becker Drive, Roanoke Rapids, NC (Behind The Shop)

Evening Classes: Every Tuesday and Thursday Evening @ 6pm; Calvary Baptist Church, 1405 Bolling Road, Roanoke Rapids, NC

All ladies are welcome and all classes are free!

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