Are you a treasure seeker?

Most of us are seeking treasure everyday, however each person’s treasure chest looks different.

Some seek to fill their chest with worldly wealth.

Some seek fame.

Some seek perfection.

Some seek approval.

Some seek “things”.

Some seek other people.

And the list continues.

Admittedly, my treasure chest has been filled with the list above. I’ve crowded my life with things I considered valuable and left little room for real treasure. Thankfully, I have come to learn the value of filling my chest with something that will not fade away…. God’s truth! And hoarding this treasure is unnecessary! In fact I’m told to share the goodness of it everyday!

Let’s be Treasure Seekers that unearth the treasure of God’s word!

treasure seeker

Proverbs 2:4-5 says this about God’s word,

if you look for it as for silver
    and search for it as for hidden treasure,
then you will understand the fear of the Lord
    and find the knowledge of God.

Notice the little words with big impact in this verse.

IF…you look for IT as for silver

IF: We must search, seek, dig deep…UNEARTH the treasure!

IT: the wisdom of the word! Oh to be wise! What value! Wise in God’s ways…invaluable!

If you look for it as for silver and search for it as hidden treasure,


There is an action need from us to receive the value of the treasure. We must be treasure seekers girls!

THEN: we can understand the awe and wonder of God and possess the treasure of His wisdom. (I’m dancing, can you see me?)

Are you ready to be a Treasure Seeker? This expedition is a journey with endless possibilities! Come join us as we Unearth the Treasure of God’s Word!

unearthing treasure

Local FF girls: Our next bible study begins January 12th at 6pm and will be located at Calvary Baptist Church. 4 weeks of digging deep together! All you need is your bible and a notebook.

Online FF girls: We will not have an official online version of the class, but we do have some tools to offer that we know you will love (simply because we do!). Visit Suzanne Eller for her 30 days to Life Shaking Study in the Word over at her site:

Suzanne Eller's 30 days of Life Shaking Study

Suzanne Eller’s 30 days of Life Shaking Study

We are shaken as our eyes our opened

and download Sweet to the Soul’s 30 day Scripture Journal at

Sweet to the Soul Ministries Scripture Journal

Sweet to the Soul Ministries Scripture Journal

We value the goodness of both resources and know that you will be blessed!

Keep reading for a peek into my unearthing journey of just one verse from Sweet to the Soul’s scripture list.

Yesterday’s reading was one verse. One verse that has shown me 5 promises! Rich treasure!

Read: Ezra 9:9

“For we are slaves. Yet our God has not forsaken us in our slavery, but has extended to us his steadfast love before the kings of Persia, to grant us some reviving to set up the house of our God, to repair its ruins, and to give us protection in Judea and Jerusalem” Ezra 9:9

Now dig deep:

For we (that’s you and me) are slaves (bound in sin)

YET GOD (don’t miss that! All the promises are because of God and His love for us)

Has not forsaken us (did not abandon; did not leave)

But has extended to us (gives freely to you and me) his steadfast love (his never-ending, never-failing, love)

Before the kings of Persia (insert your own enemy)

To grant us some reviving (to give you and me some relief, some hope, some strength, restoration!)

To set up the house of our God (to further His kingdom, to draw closer to Him!)

To repair its ruins (to repair the broken)

And to give us protection in Judaea and Jerusalem(to protect us where we are)

Now store the treasure:

  • God forgives my sin!
  • Extends grace!
  • Rescues and revives!
  • Uses us for Kingdom building!
  • Provides protection!

Make these promises your own by storing His word in your heart!

Rewrite this verse for your heart!

I would say: Jodie is a slave to her sin without God. But God promises to never leave me in my sin, He sets me free by offering His never failing love! He recuses me from adversity, revives me so that I may draw closer to Him and further His house! He takes my broken and makes it beautiful and protects me from this harsh world.

Oh I have to say…Amen!!!!!

Girls , this treasure is for all of us. The word is written for you and me! Just one week until we dig deep together in his word, but why wait? Start today! Start with Ezra 9:9! Use the online tools from Suzie and Sweet to the Soul!

Faithfully following to seek His treasure-

“…the word of the Lord endures forever” 1 Peter:1:25

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