At least twice in the last month God has been faithful to show me that when I follow beautiful things happen! Miracles!

Recently, I stepped onto the grounds of a familiar place. I knew immediately that I had to repent. You see, God had asked me several times, over several years, to be generous to this place. I had used excuses and overlooked His calling. Well, that’s saying it nicely. I did not trust and obey.

I was disobedient.

I repented and stepped out where God called.

I whispered yes where no wanted to take root.

whisper yes

My heart was hesitant because of fear, but I knew that I must follow. And as soon as I did I felt God’s presence and He allowed me to see His goodness in a real and tangible way! He’s so good!

Last night, I gathered with a beautiful group of women for bible study. We are just beginning a summer bible study using Suzanne Eller’s book, Come With Me. I listened as Donna taught from Chapter 1 about a familiar story Suzanne’s book includes (there’s one for every disciple!).

Peter and the disciples were fishing. Jesus asked them to cast our their nets after a long day with no catch. He asked them to follow even though they had already tried with no success. They had already cleaned and packed away their nets. They were likely frustrated and tired.

But Jesus asked.

And Peter followed.

luke 5 5

Peter was hesitant, but He threw the nets out in an act of trust and obedience and the miracle followed! He’s so good!

Jesus is asking us to follow, to trust, and step out in faith.

Even when we have tried before.

Even we have packed it all away.

Even when we are tired.

Even when we don’t have notice of the miracle before we “let the nets down again”.

Jesus says, “will you come with me?”

Will we say yes?

Girls, when God asks us to take a step with Him, be brave! Be bold! Trust and obey! In Suzanne Eller’s words, “Following Jesus is the beginning of a lifetime of miracles!”

(If you need a place to study more about following Jesus, join us over at

We will be hosting an online study of Come With Me in conjunction with Suzie that begins July 25th. There’s room for you!

Just whisper yes,


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