As Jodie and I prepare for our first “official” speaking engagement on Saturday, there has been much time spent on the topic of love.

Love comes in many shapes and forms.

There is the love of a husband and wife, a love between parents and children, a love of friends (to name a few) and the love of a Savior. We all have different love “languages” and respond to acts of love in different ways.

But, what lies heavy on my heart as we approach Saturday is one simple question….WHY ME?

Why me? Why did God create me?

Why me? Why does God offer forgiveness so freely?

Why me? Why is there a thing called grace?

Why me? Why did God send His only son to a cross to die?

Why me? Why do I get the chance to gain heaven because of Jesus’ blood?

Well the answer is simple….Love.




Why me? Because He loves me. Because He wants nothing but the best for me. Because He wants me to share His love with all that I meet. Because He is love.

How do I know?

The Bible tells me so.

But not only me…. you too!

Looking forward to sharing God’s love this weekend (and all the days before and after, too!)



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