In just a few days we have an opportunity. A grand opportunity!

Door bells will ring and strangers will be standing on the other side waiting.

They are waiting for a “treat”.

In just a few days we have an opportunity. It’s dressed up as Halloween.

There are some debates out there as to whether Christians should celebrate or not celebrate Halloween. I’ve been celebrating Halloween since I was a child. Celebrating in the sense that I would dress up and go knock on neighborhood doors all in the hopes of receiving candy! In fact, once, a friend and I dressed up on a different day of the year and went door to door in hopes of getting candy! Really, we did.

ryan elephant

As an adult, I have dressed my children in hand made costumes that I lovingly constructed and we ventured out to grandma’s house for a warm bowl of soup followed by “trick-or-treating”. I’ve never considered it wrong to celebrate Halloween in this way. And I don’t want to debate.

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Today in my quiet time I noticed a grand opportunity.


For the next 13 days I am doing a biblical study of Hospitality with the beautiful woman over at And today I was introduced to the Greek meaning of the word Hospitality:

“The Greek word for hospitality is philoxenos. Phileo meaning “brotherly love,” and xenos for “strangers.” God’s original design for hospitality is extending ourselves in love to strangers.  SheReadsTruth

In just a few days, your doorbell will ring and it’s very likely that there will be a stranger on the other side. Someone who may need brotherly love shared with them; someone we call stranger. Someone who may not know about Jesus.

Don’t stop reading! I’m not suggesting you invite all of them in and pour out the gospel message. However, I am suggesting that with this grand opportunity right there on the other side of our thresholds we:

  • Pray that God will show us how to share His love on Halloween!

Everyday is a grand day to share Hospitality with others! It just so happens that in a few days others will be ringing your doorbell…what a grand opportunity! Let’s go beyond the world’s definition of hospitality by sharing brotherly love to strangers ringing our doorbells in hopes of getting sweet treats. Because there is no sweeter treat than the love of Christ!

~ Jodie

 “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” Romans: 12:13share hospitality

Sharing coffee and Jesus with others over at

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