I want to have you all over for coffee!

Please save one chair for someone special.

I want to have you all over to my house but it’s just not possible…some of you reading live a long way off! But nonetheless my heart desires to have you over!

So lets do it!

Let’s grab coffee together!

Right where you are, right where I am!

And lets use that one chair I mentioned saving for Jesus!


You, me, Jesus!

I’m really not sure what I would talk about right away with such a special guest at the table with us, but I think if I close my eyes and imagine…oh, it would be beyond my wildest dreams!

I know our bibles would be there and I would want to open to the story of Peter and Jesus walking on the water and ask Jesus to recount the events of that day for me, but maybe not. I mean there is so much more that has happened since then! Which story would you open to?

jesus and peterYou, me, Jesus!

Maybe I would want to sing songs of praise! Right there! You, me and our Savior, singing? Would I worry if my voice was in tune with His? Would we sing with all our heart!?

psaml 9_11

I would want to introduce everyone around the table to our special guest and tell Him how wonderful you are, but He already knows you each by name, the number of hairs on your head, each tear you have ever cried and He knows better than I how absolutely wonderful you are!


he knows

Oh to have coffee with you and with Jesus!

Well, we can! Every morning, even when our eyes are still stuck together like glue, we can join with Him right where we are. He is always present. And when we open our Bibles, we share the truth together with Him and He will speak volumes into our hearts.

When we sing praise for His fresh mercies that falling all around us, He hears and He hears beautiful voices!

Yes, Jesus will have coffee with each of us, right where we are, just as we come.

In fact, most morning I start with Jesus, coffee and my Bible. And often I then take time to share that experience with you! As we unrush together this fall, as we look for ways to keep our time with God real in the chaos of life, let us take time to share Jesus together. And the coffee is just a perk!

Thank you for popping over today~ Jodie

 “Let the word of Christ dwell in your richly” (Col 3:16)

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