And there I was on the verge of  a frazzled breakdown.

On the very day that I was determined to rest.

Right after I asked God to unrush me.

I was about to make my to-do list a mile long and God intervened.


Let me explain. I’ve been battling shoulder, neck and arm pain for two weeks now. A minor muscle pull (I think). After spending a wonderful weekend with family that included two road trips and little rest I was feeling my body proclaim, REST, please rest! So I made the necessary arrangements to stay home from Faithfully Fit and started a quiet morning in my bible. The stage was set for rest. But something happened.

I simply went upstairs to wake up my daughter for school.

Really, that’s it! That is all I did.

But I saw the mess. Clothes everywhere begging to be washed.

Mounds and mounds. Mountains I tell you!

Within 10 minutes I felt like I needed to wash clothes, clean closets, scrub the floor, go to the grocery store….and then on the way to the drugstore to pick up a medicine that was not on hand I got the text from my office. “HELP, computers are down.”

I almost cried, I began to get angry. I just wanted one day of rest. You know, to heal.

And I just asked God to unrush me. And I posted it for all the world to read on Facebook…so it’s set in stone! I must unrush. So why are you rushing me God?

And as I raced out of the drugstore I said, out loud, so I could hear it really good, “You better slow down girl! You better take a deep breath before you blow. God’s not rushing you…you are”!

You realized you needed rest, but then you made a to-do list the size of Mount Rushmore.

Goodness girl, get a hold of yourself!

Because you know those closets have be cluttered for awhile now and its ok. The clothes may be dirty, but you still have clean underwear. That garage that you think needs cleaning will be just fine without you.

Slow down, rest, take care of yourself.

Because really, if you are not well, how do you think all these things will feel tomorrow? And really, are they so important that you need to place them ahead of resting?

Take this time to be still and quiet.

be still

Listen to my voice.

im listening

You asked me to help you unrush , come rest in Me alone.


There I was about to have a frazzled breakdown. I knew exactly what to ask God to help me do. But I asked and then I failed to listen. Do you even find that to be the case? You lay out your request, your concerns, your heart’s desires and then you just keep making lists for yourself.




God is always there with all we need. Take a moment to listen.

Take a moment, or two to rest IN HIM!

~ Jodie




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