Some love them, some loathe them.
Some celebrate them, some hide from them.
Some get excited, some get disappointed.
Some even choose to lie and say they didn’t happen.

Yesterday was my birthday.
I turned 42. That is a truthful age. Honest!
This is my favorite picture from my time celebrating my milestone…warning its a “selfie”…or an “usie”…a picture taken on a cell phone!

You may not be able to tell why I love this picture so much. Allow me to share what I see and feel when I look.
I see joy. Inner joy.
I see the joy of a wife who loves her husband. (He deserves an applaud! He arranged this special day with a dear friend of ours who shared hospitality, love and good cooking!)
I see the joy of a mom who is so excited her children are present in her life.
I see a change.
A change you may not notice, but I do.
The change is the JOY in my heart that now spills out in my smile and my wrinkled nose!
It hasn’t always been there, though I have always wanted it! I just spent time chasing the wrong things to get it!
Now I chase Jesus! Well I don’t have to chase far, He’s always near!

He created me and never left me. I am His marvelous work and so are you!
Not one day of my life is a surprise to Him.
He knew the birthdays I would spend without joy and those I would spend with joy overflowing and He works everything together for good! He is good.
He is the treasure of my heart and because of Him I treasure other things more fully.
My family, my friends, yes.
But also with great joy I treasure sisters!
Sisters in Christ.
Other women who see Him and need Him. I treasure YOU!


I’m 42 and one day old.
I have joy in my heart. The joy of a Savior!
And each day I enjoy sharing that joy with others!
I pray you have that JOY also! If you don’t can I say a prayer for you today?
You amaze me. You stir my  heart in ways that no other can. You pour blessing upon blessing. I stand in awe of your love, your patience, your gentle and quiet ways. Your strength abounds and it is present for us all. Thank you. Lord, I know someone today needs your joy. They need you because they are lonely, they are hurting, they are lost. I lift them to you. Not even knowing their name, I lift them. You know them. You knitted them together, you know each hair, each heart and each tear. Nothing about them goes unnoticed to you. Lord, let them feel your love, let them see your blessings. Place someone in their life today that is willing to share your joy with them. May your family be added to today! I will rejoice in new sisters!

If you need a place to fellowship with other women, explore God’s word, share prayer and experience joy with sisters we invite you to Faithfully Fit! Click around our blog and see what we are all about. Hopefully you will notice that “whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, we do it all for the glory of God!” (1 Cor. 10:31; emphasis mine)


“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him” Psalm 28:7


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