Day 7: Choosing Truth Over Lies

Lie: God can’t possibly forgive me.

Truth: My sins are removed.
Scripture: Psalm 103:12
“He has removed our sins as far from usas the east is from the west.”

Today Diana Manley Rockwell shares about choices and a pivotal time in her prayer life when she grasped God’s forgiveness and extended it to others:

Choices. We all make choices. Some are good and some are not so good. I’m not talking about mundane choices but life-altering choices. Every day we have the choice to read God’s word and to pray. We have the choice to go to church, and we choose how we interact with our loved ones. Are our words edifying? Are our words grumbly and complaining? Most importantly, we all have the choice to forgive. The following words have changed my life: “I choose to forgive ________for _____________and I feel ____________.”

While in college for my nursing degree, I stopped going to church and really drifted from the Lord. I was struggling in my marriage and filled with a lot of hate for the man I had married twenty-five years earlier. I was not interested in what God had to say about marriage or forgiveness, and I separated from my husband immediately after graduation.

What I did not anticipate was my oldest son’s decision to stay with his dad. So here I was a new nurse, a newly separated woman, learning that living without one of my children was painfully difficult. I came to realize that I was running from God. I had stopped talking to God because I was so angry that he had not changed my husband. After all, I had asked many times before the separation.

I first learned about forgiveness through a Freedom in Christ ministry at my church. I had a life-changing prayer experience during my Steps to Freedom appointment. You see, even though I believed that others were forgiven, somehow I did not believe that God would forgive me for my poor choices. One day during my prayer time, I finally accepted God’s forgiveness and extended forgiveness to others – such as my husband – who had hurt me. After forgiving my husband, we reconciled our marriage.

I recognized my belief that God can’t possibly forgive me as a lie from Satan. I claimed the verse in James 4:7-8, that if I would draw near to God, He would draw near to me. Since that time books such as The Mended Heart, The Unburdened Heart, and The Spirit-Led Heart by Suzanne Eller have helped me to remember how important forgiveness is in my life. God remembers my sins no more as proclaimed in Psalm 103:11-12. Today, my ministry is to help others find this same freedom. When we forgive from the heart we honor God and when we forgive ourselves, Satan is defeated.

Prayer and Further Study:
Your love is bountiful, your forgiveness is offered to all. Thank you. Thank you for your Son, Jesus, who died for every last sin. Help us trust that when we come and ask, we are forgiven. Thank you Jesus, for defeating Satan and giving us victory! Amen

Do you like Diana remember a time that you broke free from a lie? Have you celebrated defeating Satan? Have you considered that God may call you to minister to others with your testimony?
Read Luke 7:36-50. Place yourself in the story. What does Jesus say to the women in verse 48? What does Jesus attribute forgiveness to in verse 50?
If you are struggling with believing that you are forgiven, leave a comment and let us pray for you. Simply say, “I am struggling”. If you are struggling to forgive someone, simply say, “I am struggling to forgive”. Pray for anyone that you see commenting. Let’s walk this walk together.

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