Day One of Choosing Truth Over Lies has arrived.

Are you ready to choose truth over lies?
Are you ready to break the chains of lies?
Are you ready to live free, discovering God’s word as truth written for your life?

Let’s jump right in. The study will be short, but the effects, lifelong!

Today we will hear from Suzanne Eller, Living Free Together, Proverbs 31 Ministries, writer and speaker. To us she is a friend, mentor, and all around beautiful women who loves Jesus, and is known to her friends as Suzie. This study is largely based on her new book, The Spirit-Led Heart, in particular, chapter 3. While you don’t need the book, we highly recommend adding it to your reading list and library (jump to the end of the post for more details on the book).

So why chapter 3? Our ministry exists to help women study the word, verse by verse, growing closer to God on the journey. We know the damage that occurs when we live bound in the chains of lies. We ourselves fight this battle. Our hearts echo Suzie’s words, “As we fill up with truth, there is less room for lies…when truth becomes your go-to, it becomes your spiritual weapon” (page 66). Our hope is that as you walk with us and other women in this study you will develop a hunger for the truth. Our prayer is that at the end of this study you will continue to hunger for truth and that that same truth will set you free.

Each day of our mini-study you can expect:

  • A lie (to squash) and a truth (to grasp hold of and trust) ~12 in all
  • A short devo from women who have struggled and overcome lies
  • Direction to God’s word and prayer for your day



As promised, here is a word from Suzie:

It’s amazing how a lie can masquerade as truth.

Someone told you it was true when you were a child. Some event or circumstance made it feel true. And over time, it felt true. I know this, because I once lived it. I was the woman who walked down the dog food aisle in Wal Mart. I didn’t have a dog. Instead, I was avoiding the familiar woman I saw across the store. If she saw me, she’d say hello. She might even want to stop and talk. I believed that I didn’t have anything of value to say to her. I worried that I’d stumble over my words.

I hid in the dog food aisle because there was a lie in my soul that said, “You’re so backwards.” It led me to believe that I was too shy. Too introverted. Too awkward.
Which led me to run the other way.

Today, I’d welcome that potential friend. I’d listen. I’d hold a conversation. If I said something goofy, I’d laugh about it, which would invite her to laugh with me. I wouldn’t worry about being awkward or introverted, because we all have those moments and it’s okay.

More than that, I would realize that I bring something of value to that encounter.

How did this happen?

I learned to confront a lie with truth.

Lies lead to assumptions, which become beliefs, which produce actions (or inactions) that impact our life and our identity.

That’s what had taken place with me. As a child, I learned that if I said the wrong thing, there were consequences. This led to a belief that it was better to say nothing, than to open my mouth.

Thank goodness, we have a Helper that offers direction, wisdom, and truth.
The more I soaked in truth, the less power those old lies held in my heart.
I learned to give myself grace, which allowed me to give grace to others with the same struggle.

Who knew that a woman who hid in the dog food aisle would one day stand in front of crowds and teach the gospel?
God did.

If you struggle with a lie that feels true, the Holy Spirit will lead you into truth that sets you free. It may take time (it did for me), but eventually truth crowds out those old lies and you become free to be who God made you to be.

Scripture/Further Study/Prayer

“But when he, the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.” John 16:13

In the Chapter 3 study section of Suzie’s book, she gives a 1-2-3 that is the perfect place for us to begin. We believe this process can be used everyday of the study. Grab your pen and journal and be honest with God and yourself. We are here to break lies! To grasp truth! To be set free!

1- What is a lie you have believed? Write it down. It could be a lie from the past or a current lie.

2-How does this lie contrast with the Word of God (truth)?

3- Write down a Scripture verse that puts that lie to shame. Speak it out loud. Put your name in the verse.

Father, You are so very good to us. You knew we needed your word and a Helper. You gave us both. Help us see the lies for what they are and what they do. Help us in this battle to break free. Open our hearts to your truth and our Helper, The Holy Spirit. We rejoice now, in all that you will do.
In Jesus name, Amen

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Click HERE to learn more about Suzie’s book, The Spirit-Led Heart

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