Many years ago we were out bowling with a group of friends and I noticed her.

A young, beautiful girl with a very bitter look on her face. It was obvious that something was displeasing to her. What should have been a fun night with her friends at the bowling alley had somehow become anything but fun. This may have been one of the first times I realized that we have the power to determine whether we stay stuck in an attitude of complaint or rise above a circumstance and choose to find joy.

However, realizing it didn’t keep me from always knowing how to overcome “the grumps”. Yes, admittedly, I have been known to be a complainer. Thankfully, I can report that God has been gracious to do a work in my heart and I have learned, like Paul, “to be content in plenty and in want.”

A favorite quote from Max Lucado says, “Nothing silences grumps like gratitude.” This may be why the pursuit of everyday thankfulness is so dear to me.

Being intentional to search for God’s goodness each day will strengthen you and change your perspective. The more you search, the more aware of His blessings you become.

Today, I’m sharing more over at Sweet to The Soul. Please hop over and visit! You’ll read how Son-shine dispersed the darkness of a hard time. I pray you will be encouraged and I have a feeling you will be excited about the special project and give away opportunity. 

Click over to Jana’s and be sure to tell her we sent you!

Blessings~ Jodie




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