Day 9: Praying Brave with a Yes Heart

Yesterday we discussed waiting. Many of us may agree that waiting is not our strong suit. Especially if the waiting seems to keep us from something we want or when we are hurting in the wait.
Waiting is a season.
Waiting is an active time.

“Waiting is not an idle part of our walk with Jesus. For some of us, it’s a time of rest. For others, he’s asking that we pause long enough to clearly hear his instruction.” Suzanne Eller, Come With Me Devotional

Waiting may be a time of still, but it isn’t a time of stuck!
There is a work that can occur in the stillness that is overlooked in the attitude of stuck.

There is a God that wins wars that wants to fight for you, not against you. There is a God who takes our impossible and squashes it. God is ready and awaiting our brave prayers.
In the still:
~Read His word and ask Him to speak to your heart.
~Surround yourself with others that have found rest in the Lord during difficult times.
~Pray for His strength and peace to consume your heart while you trust Him to battle on your behalf.

In the stuck and yuck find the peace and the hope of the One who sees our every impossible and makes all things possible.

You are mighty! You are strong! You are aware of every hour that we feel stuck. What is impossible to us alone is possible with you by our side. Thank you. Thank you for hearing us. Thank you for doing battle on our behalf. Help us wait patiently in your love and peace. Consume us with peace in the waiting times.

Praying with you and for you ~ Jodie

Our Scriptures: Psalm 46:10, Psalm 46:8-9, Isaiah 40:31, Micah 7:7

You’re invited! Join Donna, myself, and many others next week: 

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