All afternoon I had one thought with every field we passed, I want to jump on hay bales!

A friend and I  had set out for a destination and no real timetable. So unusual this day and age when we are a people who schedule everything. But we were doing it! Taking the day and getting away. The beautiful chatter in the jeep between two girls made the driver (who remains nameless) miss a turn. Oh well. We pressed on. Back roads are more scenic anyway. The fields were beautiful and with every field we passed, I wanted to jump on hay bales!

Approaching a town not on our schedule, but one we knew would lead us to our destination, we eagerly headed toward a bridge that would correct the wrong turn.

And then we saw it.

A big orange detour sign.

The bridge to the other side was OUT!

No problem! It was early in the day, we had no plan. Footloose and fancy-free!

We made a U-turn and discovered a coffee shop. Perfect for refueling our tummies, providing rest and more time to chatter. We met someone new and got directions around the washed out bridge and headed back to the jeep. Coming out of the coffee shop we spotted a beautiful wall mural on a nearby building so we decided to make our own detour, cross the street, and stare at the artist’s work.

This day was turning out to be quite a delight even if we were making a few wrong turns, finding roadblocks, and taking detours. We stopped at a farmers market and acted like kids as we walked through a corn maze, posed for selfies in the sunflower patch, and toured the pumpkin patch meant for children.

A few hours later than planned we reached our destination. We purchased our items, toured a fresh market and gathered goodies to take home. In retrospect what we had planned was far less exciting than what happened along the way.

Growing weary from all the fun and excitement two old gals acting like kids could stand, we headed home. And I still wanted to jump on hay bales.

The sun was setting. The drive was feeling long. And the thoughts of hay bale jumping were being traded for thoughts of laying on the couch or in bed. Footloose and fancy-free was taking it’s toll on this girl.

And there it was.

Right in the way!

Another big orange detour sign!

Again? This couldn’t be real! Surely it had been left there by mistake. I mean really, I was on a jeep so  I could maneuverer around any problem. Unless that problem happened to be a huge sinkhole that took out the entire road…and IT WAS. Yes, now you know I went around the detour sign to see (and you also know who the nameless driver is that made the wrong turn).

This detour sign wasn’t like the first one. It wasn’t met with giggles and anticipation. It was met with resistance and stubbornness. But justly so, we were tired, we wanted rest. This was inconvenient! We could literally see home on the other side of that hole, but to get around it was impossible. With tail feathers ruffled and a train running out of steam, we made the necessary U-turn.

The sun was going down. The colors were painting the sky beautiful. The Master was at work and a few times we slowed down to stare at the Artist’s work. Slowly my desire to jump on hay bales was returning. My empty was being filled. My impossible was looking more and more possible when I spotted them. All lined up in a row. Just like I remembered seeing in a photo and I could picture myself on top…footloose and fancy-free.

I wanted to jump on hay bales!

The jeep stopped; turned back to the road access to get to the field open with opportunity and the impossible became possible. I jumped on hay bales! I laughed til it hurt! I praised the sky Maker! The One who knew how to get me to the top of those hay bales, where joy awaited and where fatigue left. I was renewed and refreshed!

On top of those hay bales I was able to rejoice and reflect. I saw God’s hand on my journey. A journey that has led me to be a Jesus loving, jeep driving, hay bale jumping, kinda girl. But I haven’t always been that girl. I was the one who made my own plans, was angry with bridges that were out, detours that were annoying, and roads that left me with a sinkholes so deep I was lost and empty.

So far away from home.

Thankfully, God allowed his daughter to make a u-turn that led to joy. He filled my empty to abundant and full. Oh, I still get tired. I even make wrong turns, BUT GOD has shown me time and again that detours can make away around the impossible to the possible!

Are you tired and weary?

Are you walking through life lethargic?

Are you bittered by detours and roadblocks that have left you feeling like you are empty?

Consider stopping your plans and seeing His plans.

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. they are for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” Jeremiah 29:11

Follow the wise advice I received from a friend, “Let the Lord fight your battles or lead you through the detours in your life! We must not problem solve, but prayer solve”.

There are hay bale adventures waiting for you just around the detour!

Keep going~ Jodie



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