The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. I had a MRI that showed an unusual “mass” in my behind (a cutie in my patootie – as we like to say) and was scheduled to see a surgeon two days later. I had surgery less than a week later to remove said “cutie” – may she rest in peace – but was blessed to find out two days later that the biopsy came back negative – Praise! Sounds simple right? Well, with 13 staples along my incision and a drain tube, life has been a bit interrupted. We were scheduled to take a family trip to the beach that we had to cancel; but to top it all off my dad had open heart surgery the same day I had surgery and due to my limited sitting tolerance, I have been unable to go and see him since his surgery. Whew, I need a break!

Life is busy. If it is not one thing….it is another and we must remember there is always someone worse off than ourselves. But there are times when we need to be reminded Who is in control. To be drawn into the deep of what God wants us to see…even through the busy. So today, I share the words of my dear friend and ministry partner, Jodie.

Slow down. Take a break and soak it all in!



Let’s take a break from busy and soak in the goodness of Psalm 23!

Psalm 23 is very well know. The first words are familiar to many. Familiarity has a way of making us read right over things as we say to ourselves, “I’ve read that before “.

One weekend I sat with a group of girls gathered to study, pray and fellowship and I took a break from familiar to see beyond the surface of what I knew to… the deep of what God would have me see.

Psalm 23 will never be 6 little verses anymore.

Verse 1 states the Lord is my shelter. It’s the only verse that states, “The Lord is”. However, I have 11 “The Lord is” statements in my Bible by Psalm 23.

The Lord is my shelter.
The Lord is my guidance.
The Lord is my provider.
The Lord is my restoration.
The Lord is my protection.
The Lord is my comfort.
The Lord is my Refreshment.
The Lord is my Nourishment.
The Lord is my hope.
The Lord is my peace.
The Lord is my home.

Each statement comes from what Psalm 23 speaks to my heart. When I read, “The Lord is my shepherd”, my heart hears that He will be my guidance.

Today, I’m adding another to my Bible list.
The Lord is my rest!
It’s what He spoke to my heart as I read, “He makes me lie down”.
Read Psalm 23 today with newness in mind. Make a list of what the Lord is to you. I’d love to know what your list looks like!

~ Jodie

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