So many things are passing through my thoughts as we approach 2016. Get ready for a little rambling! The last week of the year is often spent in reflection of how the last twelve months have passed so quickly and pondering all the blessings as the year slips through my fingers.

How about you? Are you reflecting? Planning? Preparing?

I’m exceedingly grateful for an app called “on this day” that tells me things I did a year ago. It’s almost like an instant journal of my thoughts, scriptures and personal recount of the blessings I’ve posted on Facebook. (Imagine that! Something good can come from my time on social media.)

I shared this list in 2012:

wisdom quotesStill a pretty good list!

As I look ahead to the New Year and spend this time in reflection there is also a lot of organizing happening (I think!). Did you know that right after the stores take away the Christmas trimmings the organizational systems slide into the shelves? Apparently many of us love to get organized in January. And right after we organize we like to make lists of things we resolve to do in the next twelve months, as if…well let’s just say I’m not a big fan of New Years Resolutions.

But I am a fan of hopes, dreams….plans!

While many things are up in the air there are a few things I am settled upon for 2016…shew! Progress! In the many planners I have there are a few things penciled in that I think just may be helpful to others and that’s, that’s really what this post is all about!

First and foremost, I have a plan to be in God’s Word.

Right now I’m staring at Jeremiah 31:25.

It’s the first verse in my Soul Deep Scripture Journal that I am starting in January. It’s printed and ready to go! (I’ll share the link at the end of the post.)

“For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish” Jeremiah 31:25

Stare at it with me. Read it and let it soak in soul deep.

Read and soak! Every. little. word.

For. I. will. satisfy.

Doesn’t that just sound simply divine?

God will satisfy.

The weary soul.

My weary soul.

God will attend to my weary and longing soul. He will satisfy my every longing.

And every languishing soul.

Yours too! Every soul!

I. will. replenish.

He will replenish every weary, tired and weak soul.

God will…God will do great things in 2016. He is whom my hopes, dreams and plans center around.

Ahhhhhhhhh….there it is! My plan for 2016. Dig deep into the treasure of the word seeking the goodness of His love until my weary soul is replenished!

My bible will be my ultimate tool and I’ve chosen the following resources to aid my endeavors to treasure seek:

Sweet to the Soul Ministries Scripture Journal Click here to get your copy:

Sweet to the Soul Ministries Scripture Journal (clickable link)


Suzanne Eller's 30 days of Life Shaking Study

Suzanne Eller’s 30 days of Life Shaking Study (Sign up by clicking the photo)


So if you are like me an and your mind is flowing with thoughts of 2016 and what it will be full of, I pray that you will place God’s word at the tip-top of your list.

Pencil Him in on your calendar.

Schedule it as sacred time.

Time to dig deep for the treasure that awaits your heart, mind and soul!

Let’s plan to dig deep together and experience the hope of Jesus!

Blessings treasure seekers ~ Jodie

And if you are a local gal, we offer you our next bible study beginning January 12th:

unearthing treasure

Click here for details: Unearthing Treasure Skills Class









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