This is our final post in our series “Gifts of Friendship”! It’s been a joy to share gift ideas that can be freely given or given with little expense that share the love of Christ with our friends. We are so thankful to Karen Kingsbury and the inspiration we received from studying The Friends of Jesus together.

This weeks friendship gift given freely:


Yikes, right! Time?

It ticks away faster than we can blink. Everyone agrees. We want more time. We all seem to try and squeeze 28 hours worth of activity into a 24 hour day so how on earth can we suggest a gift of time? Especially when we all have Decemberitis! Yes, Decemberitis. It’s a disease that begins the day after Thanksgiving and lasts until about January 2nd. It seems to affect most of those I know.

Time. Jesus took time in his final days to spend with his closest friends. John 13:1:

Jesus knew that his hour had come to leave this world and return to his Father. He had loved his disciples during his ministry on earth, and now he loved them to the very end. It was time for supper…

In His final days, the time drawing near to His death, Jesus chose to spend time with friends. Sharing a meal. Sharing love. Sharing important time and valuable teachings. He took time. He gave time.

We can’t slow the clock but we can chose how to spend our time. Rather than racing thru stores and scanning sales online let’s take the gift of time and present it to others.

Let’s dine together.

Let’s laugh together.

Let’s even cry together.

Who is that friend that needs your time? Make the call. Give the gift of time.

Time can not be bought but it is priceless when well spent with friends.




Our final giveaway!

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Monday, December 14th we will give away these three wooden blocks with words of encouragement!

Enter to win: Leave a comment telling us your favorite way to spend time with friends!

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(One winner will be selected by random drawing)

Blessings – Jodie and Donna

Last weeks winner of our Nativity Ornament is Jenny Hand!

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