Today we are linking with Suzie Eller!

Today we are linking with Suzie Eller!

I remember each of their “birth”days so vividly.

Cailee was my smallest baby and took the longest to come, Austin was my biggest baby and was the most painful (my epidural quit working on the middle of the delivery), and Sara was my bald baby who broke the mold the day she entered the world.

I remember telling my husband, Justin,  that I was scared to have teenagers…and he calmly told me to enjoy them as babies first. “Don’t worry” he said,  “we will grow with them and figure it out!” – just so you know my oldest isn’t even a teenager yet! LOL!

I remember rocking each of them and singing praise songs as I looked them over from top to bottom, praising God for blessing me with such beautiful children. I remember each birthday thus far, standing amazed that my babies aren’t “babies” anymore. I remember….or at least I try.


Left to Right – Cailee, Austin, Sara – all 6 months old

donna and kids

Donna and her 3 blessings now!

When my ministry partner, Jodie, approached and asked me to write for a “blog link-up” for Suzie Eller’s page I said, “Sure, what’s the topic”?

“What I hope my children remember about me,” she replied.

Sigh. Well ok..I’ll try. My head was reeling with possibilities.

And then, once again with a little guidance from my wonderful husband, I got it!

What do I hope my kids remember about me? Most of all I want them to remember that I was consistent.

That even if I did not do everything right, that I was consistent.

That even when times got hard, that I was consistent.

That even when life was good, that I was consistent.

Consistent in what? Consistent in trying to live life every day more and more like Jesus.

Consistent each and every day to the commitments that I had made – whether to my husband, family and friends or to the stranger on the street that I said I would help. Consistent in my role as wife, daughter, mother, employee, friend, church member or ministry leader.

Consistent in speaking the truth in love.



And then, I want them to remember that we have a Savior that is consistent.

That in this life, when everything around them is falling apart, because it will…because it is…that Jesus will NEVER change.

I hope that they remember:



“Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

Deuteronomy 11:19

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