The Lost Kitty

Once upon a time, there was a Kitty in the woods.

She walked and walked and walked until she was…lost!

The Kitty cried out for her mommy.

Kitty’s mommy, Rosie, looked and looked for Kitty.

Rosie looked everywhere for Kitty. She looked at the zoo, at the campground, and in the lake …but no Kitty.

Then she looked back in the woods and she walked as far as she could….and Rosie found Kitty. Safe and sound.

Rosie and Kitty were so happy. They walked home together.

The End.

The above story was written by my 5 year old daughter this morning. She told me that she wanted to write a book, so we did. I was quite impressed with her writing; as well as, her illustrations. And then I got to thinking about my Bible study this morning and what I could learn from this “simple” book. Join with me as I share…..

See Kitty could be us…you and I. We can spiritually walk and walk until we walk right away from God. Even those of us who proclaim the name of Jesus could be walking ourselves farther away from Christ. We sometimes get so wrapped up in what is around us that we lose perspective…we forget that Christ is what makes us a Christian…we forget that He is the Light!


But God does not forget. He calls us out by name and challenges us to think outside of ourselves. God calls us to be deeper than just “sparkly” Christians, looking good on the outside but being empty on the inside. God calls us to do something, to BE the Light, not just to hold a light. God wants us to shine..but not by just mere appearance of doing good for Him. But through deep devotion, using ordinary to be extraordinary, and wholeheartedly seeking His redemption to share with all the world.

And then…we are happy….we are content….and we can walk home with Him.



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