Sunday afternoon we pulled out of the church parking lot and then came the question…what are we doing for lunch?

Now I wish I could say I had a great healthy meal planned out and on the stove ready to be served to my family but alas, I can not. And its quite alright.

I thought for a moment and then I said, Let’s just go through the drive thru and get some chicken to take home. And while the line was long we pulled and waited our turn to get some not so hot chicken. And they were out of mash potatoes, but that’s not the point.

Sunday lunch was served on paper plates. Beautiful right?


Around the BIG dining room table was my husband, my daughter, my son, his girlfriend and myself. It’s a gathering that doesn’t occur very often anymore with my son away at college. But today, with cold chicken and  no mash potatoes, it happened! However, that’s not what really excited me. What really excited me is that we all sat after the food was gone and the conversation poured out.

Oh it was fantastic! No one rushed off to a tv or a golf course. No one left the table and I whispered,

“Lord, pause this moment”.

This week part of our weekly challenge is to read Matthew 5 and pick out verses that stand out to us. On a second reading of the chapter I paused at the first two verses to see the example of Jesus.

” And seeing the multitudes, He went up on the mountain…was seated…then He opened His mouth and taught”

Jesus was observant. He saw those around Him.

Jesus was unrushed. He took time to be seated.

Jesus shared things of value. He taught.

Sometime we are so rushed that we don’t even see those around us…we rush right to the next place, the next appointment or commitment. We say we will pause later. Jesus was observant and then Jesus was able to see those near Him and pause to spend time  with those right there.

Don’t forget to pause, to unrush, to stop and observe, be seated and spend time with those around you.

There are special moments of cold takeout chicken, with no mashed potatoes on paper plates with GREAT conversation waiting for you!

Let’s hit pause together- Jodie

He's outgrown Daddy's shoes!

He’s outgrown Daddy’s shoes!




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