I wrote a paper in school once for my history class. Now, like many of my school projects I had help from my parents (thanks mom and dad) and this was no exception. I really don’t remember the theme of the paper but I do remember the one line that I wrote inspired by my dad:
“Freedom is NOT free, Freedom is NOT cheap. It is a commodity to be consumed and it must be constantly replenished.”

Now, I understood “enough” at my young age what that meant but I did not truly understand the sacrifices made on my behalf, as an American, until I grew older. And then, I met friends who had spouses who were in the military and I saw first hand some of the things that they face. I watched as my dad would meet people who were struggling with PTSD from living through Vietnam and I realized how blessed I was that my dad had lived through it as well, without those adverse affects. And I began to be more thankful for ALL those who had sacrificed over the years to allow me the live in this free country called America. And as great as that is..it has it’s limitations.
But there was another sacrifice that was made for ALL of us…and His name is Jesus. See our freedom in Christ came at a price as well…just not ours. There was One who died on a cross to set us free..Once and for ALL…no more replenishing. And once we accept His death, we are free..free to live, free to dance, free to love, free to sing, free to worship….free from death!
So, today as you celebrate the 4th of July..I pray that you are really free. I pray that you will choose to live your life for Christ, as a servant…who is free! Thank you to all of those who have served, are serving, and will serve to keep my freedom as an American….but if that were taken from me today, I stand knowing that I am free..forever and always..because of Jesus and for that I am most thankful!! How about you? Are you really free?
God Bless America

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