6 years


Sweet dreams!

Sweets treats!

Sweet kisses!

Sweet songs!

Sweet Jesus!

Jesus is the sweetest name I know! Everyday is sweeter! Sweeter than the day before! And I could keep singing but I will stop right there are save some sweetness for Fall session. That’s right! Fall session. As much as I am in disbelief that it is almost here, it is! In just a few short days we will kickoff a new session of Faithfully Fit and a new time of devotion here at Faithfully Following and it will be SWW-EEEE-T!

SWEET! Everyday is sweeter with Jesus!

This fall we will discuss how everything in life is sweeter with Jesus! When we place Jesus front and center of whatever we are doing there is a rich sweetness that results!

“How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”
Psalm 119:103

This Sunday we will join for a birthday bash and we will celebrate 6 years of ministry and we will talk, as we love to do, about Jesus!

Do you feel like Jesus is the life of the party? Do things seem brighter with Him in your life? I sure hope so! Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t get this confused with every day being “peaches and cream”. The Word is very clear that we will have trouble in this world. But I rejoice in Jesus! How He has overcome the world, left us with His peace and He is the very reason that we have life abundant! (John 16:33 & John 10:10)

sweet 2

Jesus makes me smile. He’s awesome. He comes right along side us in this messed up world and walks with us, talks with us and calls each one of us~ friend! He reports back to the King and says, I know her! She’s mine and therefore yours! Prepare for her a place and assemble her crown. One day she will dine with us at a grand feast! Right now she’s living life abundant because she has accepted Me!

Girls….everything is sweeter after the acceptance of Jesus! I feel a celebration coming! Will you join us? Locally, we will celebrate here: August 30th, 2-4pm @ The Rock and all ladies are welcome! And virtually, if  you would be so kind just to leave a Happy Birthday message here or on Facebook. We would love to here from our FF girls!

You girls are the absolute sweetest blessing ~ Jodie

jesus is the sweetest


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