Summer! It’s making a fiery approach in North Carolina. Typically I don’t have to worry so much about my plants until July and August, but wow, they are thirsty!

I’m finding myself thirsty too.

The fridge is stocked with water bottles and there is empty evidence bouncing all over my jeep floorboards telling me I’m drinking in the water!


Are you finding yourself thirsty?


Is it more than just a physical thirst? Is it a spiritual thirst?

Is your heart stocked with the Word?

Our greatest thirst can be quenched by trusting the promises of God!  


Is there evidence of God’s love bouncing all over your heart quenching the dry and parched places?

We do get thirsty. Daily we thirst and hunger.

Running through each day wearing the multitude of “names” that most girls wear, it’s easy to become thirsty!

  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Homemaker
  • Friend
  • Professional
  • Teacher
  • Leader
  • and you fill in the blank ___________

Everything we do draws from our strength, plays on our emotions; it’s understandable that we become exhausted….that we thirst and long for refreshment. And while most names we carry bring us joy those same names come with burdens that can lead to brokenness. In either case, we can turn to God and be soothed; be filled; be refreshed!

Yes, we girls have many names that come with many responsibilities but we have the One with the greatest name of all offering all we long for if we just take time to get to know Him deeply.


Are you thirsty?

Do your have a multitude of names that come with a plethora of responsibilities? Are there broken places that need healing? Empty places that need quenching?

This summer session is called “Give It All Your Heart”!

We want to help you seek the goodness of God! We want to walk along side you, guide you, pray for you, love and encourage you. We want to do this walk we call Faithfully Following together!

With YOU.

Let’s get together here and be consumed by God’s love!



“…Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst…” John 4:14

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