I can do this!

Yesterday I drove to a college campus with my oldest child. My little boy. College.
While he took placement tests I roamed the isles of a shopping outlet with his sweet girlfriend.
Looking for pants and shirts, just like I did when he was truly little.
After testing we meet with an admissions counselor.

I can do this!

We leave and continue looking for a few clothing items. The shirts in the men’s department are tricky and still overwhelm his slender body. We make a quick purchase and venture out to meet a potential roommate and look at a house.
A house.
My little boy, leaving the nest soon.
I can do this!

I have done many difficult things throughout my life. Some were by my choice and some were not.
Moved from place to place between parents.
Started a new school at the age of 15.
Completed nursing school.
Moved away from home.
Looked for employment.
Given birth.
Prayed with dying patients.
Held my children at night when their eardrums ruptured.
Bathed frail bodies of sick people.
Watched a husband get on a plane for military duty and waited for his return.
Sat by the beside as my granny took her last breaths.
Ran races.
Suffered loss.
Said no when my heart wanted to say yes.
Started ministries from the ground up.
Stood in front of hundreds of women to speak.
And now…it’s time to watch my firstborn fly!
I can do this!

Never once have I been alone.
Do you feel like you are alone in your struggles?
With Christ you are never alone. 

Never once have I been without the strength of someone stronger.
With Christ there is strength. 
Never once have I been without encouragement, hope, love?
With Christ we freely receive all of these. 

Whether you are watching a child prepare for college, struggling to hold together a marriage, looking for job, overcoming an addiction, caring for a dying loved one, wondering where your next month’s rent will come from, whatever you may face today, look it straight in the eye and say,
“With Christ, I can do this!”
Say it, REPEAT it, believe it!

The very One who gave his life for you is there is see your through to the other side!

With Christ, you can do this!

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