Coming March 12th!

Will you join us in this 21-day commitment?
Our focus will be Jesus- His time before the cross.
Our destination will be closer to Him!

Growing up Easter was much like Christmas in my world. A special time, filled with special activities, family and friends. Yes, Jesus was mentioned, church was attended, and I was told of the cross, the crucifixion, and the resurrection, but it wasn’t until I was much older that the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice came alive. And when it did, I knew my way and my traditions for celebrating these two very special times were lacking something. One Christmas I picked up an Advent study and Christmas was changed! Many of my traditions stayed the same, but the intentional time to sit with God and prepare my heart made them all the more meaningful.

This is why we want to take an intentional 21-day journey following Christ during His last days.

To enrich this season before Easter and experience a closer relationship with Jesus.

We will slow down and follow Christ through His last days before the crucifixion and find ourselves in the shadow of the cross. We will begin with Matthew 16:24-25 and learn Jesus asks us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him, just as He instructed the twelve disciples. Interestingly, it was just before this that Jesus predicts His death and explains to the disciples that He must die. Can you imagine the shadow forming? The call to surrender issued. The journey starts to unfold.

Will you join us in this 21-day commitment?
What better way to grow in a relationship with Him, than to follow the steps He took? Walk them together.

The process will be so simple, you only need your Bible and a reading list. Our map for this study will be a 21-day reading list created by Stephanie K. Adams of Real Women Ministries. Join us here March 12th to download your list and begin walking through scripture together. Then follow our Facebook page each day until Easter as we take the journey together, verse by verse.

Come and prepare your heart for Easter.
Your presence will be a blessing💗 ~ Jodie

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