There are Christmas trees shining through windows…already.
There are Christmas sales being advertised…already.
There are Christmas invitations being mailed…already.
There is Christmas music and Christmas Parades…already.

I get excited about Christmas! Really, I do! I enjoy all the things listed above and so much more.
I am ready to sing the songs of praise to the Newborn King.
I am ready to read the story of Jesus birth with my family.
I am ready to trim the tree and remember the One who hung on a tree for me.

But in the haste to get to Christmas let us not overlook a time of thanksgiving.
For the giving of thanks creates a spirit of JOY and the spirit of JOY is just what Christmas desires for our hearts!
Jesus and Joy.
Give thanks today for the One who came to give life, life abundant, life with JOY.
Have a thankful heart for the One who gave His Son that we could have life, life eternal, life full.
With thanksgiving lift a song of praise to God the Father who sent His son, Jesus.
May a heart of thanksgiving be what prepares your heart for the celebration of Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving~ Jodie

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