God speaks.
Last night I spent time walking and running with a friend. Conversation always leads to the Lord with this friend; it’s a great bonus to our time together! We spoke on a topic that is typically one of controversy. We threw around thoughts and scriptures in between trying to catch a breath while running up a hill.

God speaks.

This morning I opened my Bible and my devotion guide. BAM!  Right there in black and white are verses and thoughts being poured out on the very thing I was breathlessly discussing the night before. Coincidence? Not by my account. You see I often wondered why God did not speak to me the way I heard others say He spoke to them. The truth of the matter was I was not listening. It’s a bad habit that I have. One I have worked diligently to work out so that I can reap the rewards of hearing what others, especially God, have to say.
You see the more I spend time in my bible the more I honestly see God speaking to me through His Word. And the really great thing is that the response is typically very timely! I believe it has always been God’s perfect timing. I was just missing it while I was NOT LISTENING.
God also speaks to my spirit when I am in prayer, in thought and in conversation. Any doubt that I have as to whether that is God’s voice and prompting is always confirmed from time in the Word. You see, the Word of God is truth. And therefore, anything that you feel is from the Lord will not be contradicted by the Bible. It will be affirmed. Confirmed. God’s Word, the Bible, is the truth being spoken in love to all.
Are you listening today for God’s voice and direction?

God speaks.
He speaks to our hearts through His Word.
He waits for us to listen.
Are you listening?
Open the Word today and hear what God has to say!

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