We all have those times in our lives when we doubt. Times when we think that we could not be possibly be doing it all right. Times when we feel farther away from God than closer to Him. Why? Because we are human. We love to follow our “feelings”. What can we do when we doubt? Keep believing the Gospel. The fact that Jesus has done all that needed to be done on the cross. We need to find rest in Jesus.
God gave us the Bible for such a time as this. When you are having the very best of days, rest in the Gospel. When you are having the very worst of days, rest in the Gospel. In order to progress, we must “always begin again” (Martin Luther). Does that mean that we were never saved in the first place? Well, the good news is that in the unlikely chance that your lack of spiritual progress (or doubt) was really the result of not being born again, the moment you rest in the Gospel, you will be!
In his book, J.D. Greer shared a story that his father shared with him in high school that goes a little something like this “Imagine that there were three men walking along the top of a narrow city wall. The first in line is named “Fact”; the second “Faith”; and the third “Feeling”. Because the wall is narrow they all have to pay careful attention to where they step. As long as “Feeling’s” eyes are on “Faith” and “Faith’s” eyes are on “Fact”, they will be fine. But the moment that that “Faith” takes its eyes off “Fact” and turns around to check on “Feelings” both “Faith” and “Feeling” will fall! Then J.D. says “Don’t feel your way into your beliefs; believe your way into your feelings.” When we rest in Christ’s finished work on the cross, we are known by Jesus, we have assurance that we are saved. Doubt no more!
I leave you with this:
Knowing that you know that you know Jesus, and that Jesus knows you, will lead to more peace and joy than you dreamed possible.”
Keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep the posture of faith. Rest your hand on His head. Know that Jesus took your place. Know that He is faithful. And know that He meant what He said when He said:
~ Donna

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