The word means several different things.
This weekend it was our local high school Homecoming. Festivities, reunions, game-preparations…a whole lot of hoopla! There was excitement everywhere. Special decorations. Special clothes. A parade. Gatherings of past graduates.

Websters first definition of homecoming is “the act of returning to your home or to a place that is like your home”. I wonder when they added the “OR”. You see I understand the “or” but my husband does not. Let me try to elaborate. From the time I was eight years old my home took the shape of well…I am not sure it took shape. My parents split. My home became disjointed. I rested my head on many a different pillow at night. My clothes were always in the wrong place. My heart had trouble resting. And if home is where the heart is…mine was torn. My husband on the other hand knows exactly where “home” is and still returns to visit his parents in the same home that he celebrated birthdays and Christmas for his entire single life.

Home. It should bring a warm feeling to say the word. But as I talked with others this weekend about the painful mistakes that take place in some homes, with some families, I was reminded that the word homecoming may not be very special to everyone. The saying “Home Sweet Home” may make some people cringe. The truth is that there are homes that are worn, torn, broken. Abusive situations exist that take the heart right out of home.

Where can home be when this is the state our domain?
When wrecking balls are tearing through the heart of home?
Where do we rest?
Where do we celebrate?
Where do we have peace?

This earthly life we have been given is a temporary home. But it is home until the time we join with our Father in heaven. When Jesus departed from his disciples he promised a gift.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27
The peace that Jesus left as a gift is there for each of us. It is that peace that makes me feel at home. Home is where my heart is and my heart is with Jesus. Jesus fills my longing for a place to call home. I am looking forward to a beautiful homecoming someday. Until then I do my best to fill my home with the love of Christ so that others who enter will feel home.
There are some children in this town who get excited when they drive by my house. They want to go to “Ms Jodie’s House”. I keep an open door for friends and friends of friends. My hope is that they feel loved in this place that I call home and that they see Jesus. So that one day they will get excited and say, “I want to go to Jesus’ house!”
Homecoming….what does it mean to you? If you long for a place to call home that is filled with love turn to the love of Jesus. His love alone can fill the most broken places and create home right where you are today.

Let your heart be filled with the love of Jesus ~ Jodie

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