Planning for an adventure!
The plan: Take a trip to the mountains.
The participants: Ever changing.
The goal: Varied.
Several months ago a few of us began plotting to take a trip. We wanted to see friends, explore a new area, prepare for new things. I’m not a pick up and go without a plan gal, so we arranged a date, lodging, transportation, activities, devotions. But even with the best laid plans there were several things that changed. The people planning to go had things interfere. The car we would drive was acting up. Little things here and there, but I really wanted to take this trip. I saw an adventure and I like adventure.
The day arrive to leave. I pack. I drive around picking up the few remaining travelers.
My excitement builds.
Just a few hours before it was time to leave I was given a sense of direction from God.
I had many prayers about this trip. But just before leaving I knew what God desired in my heart.
See my sudden glory. See it and know that it is me.
So with bags packed, a heart prepared we were off! We left low land for the hills.
I had expectations.
And the closer we got to the destination I wondered if I would see what I planned to see.
The jeep was full of laughter up the mountain. My heart was fill of expectation.
Wound there be sudden glory? And would I know that it was God?
I prayed.
The first morning we headed out to enjoy the festivities of the area I watched closely. The area that was hidden in the darkness of night as we arrived was revealed by the morning light. A small hill with a cross was just outside the door. I listened intently and heard water moving. There must be a stream. The air was crisp, the company was delightful. I was fully prepared (you know I planned!).
God show me your glory.
A hearty breakfast. Camera in hand. Friends by my side. One lucky girl!
We had a great time watching worms race….just picture a fuzzy worm, given a name, placed on a string and then cheered to a finish line. Despite how silly it may sound it was exciting and there were thousands lined up to get in, to watch, to race. It was a delightful time.
A picnic lunch. Camera in hand. Friends by my side. One lucky girl! Hungry, but lucky.
We set out for the scenery. Traffic was lining the roads. It appeared we may be stalled. But God made a way, a quick way through to where it would happen. I would see. I would know. There would be his sudden glory.
We rounded a turn.
I was driving.
There was a bridge that hung in the air.
The sun, the mountains, the leaves, the sky.
My tears.
His splendor.
My awe.
His masterpiece.
My belief.
His glory.
In a moment I knew that my prayer to see his glory and know that it was him speaking to me was answered. God is good. Always good. Today he is good. Yesterday he was good and tomorrow he will be good.
Are you planning? Planning to see his glory?

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